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Raven Walks Around the World - Talk & Signing with Environmental Activist Thom Henley

Thursday, April 19, 2018 7:00pm

1994 West 4th Ave.


Join Banyen at this special event!

Hear powerful stories of environmental activism–and join a dynamic discussion about protecting our coast–with world renowned activist and author Thom Henley.

Thom Henley is an internationally renowned environmentalist, human-rights advocate, and educator. He has been the recipient of seven national and international human rights and conservation awards. Thom has travelled to more than 130 countries and all continents (including Antarctica). He has been adopted into indigenous tribes worldwide. The Haida people of Canada's most remote archipelago have formally adopted Thom bestowing upon him the name "Yaahl Hlaagaay Gwii Kaas" (Raven Walks Around the World).

In 1974 he championed the largest conservation campaign in Canadian history, the 13-year effort to protect the southern portion of the Queen Charlotte Archipelago as a national park reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2005, the National Geographic Society judged the "Gwaii" Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site" the best national park in North America and it has become a global model for indigenous co-management of a protected area.

Together with Haida elders in 1978 Thom founded the Rediscovery program to put youth (often in crisis) back in touch with themselves, their culture and the natural world. Today there are Rediscovery programs operating in Canada, the USA, Europe and Asia and the program has been recognized as a global model for reconciliation.

In 1990, Thom organized a world human rights tour for the Penan peoples of Sarawak, Borneo that took the message of their desperate plight to protect their rainforest homeland to 28 major cities in 16 countries on four continents.

In 2005 he founded In Touch With Nature Education (ITWNE), a program that offers outdoor education immersion to students from some of Asia’s most prestigious schools. From the original “Reefs to Rainforests” program offered in Thailand, where students and teachers learn about 8 ecosystems in eight days, ITWNE has now expanded to offer learning adventures in 22 countries throughout the world.