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Susan Horning ~ Feng Shui First Aid!

Thursday, January 24, 2019
6:30pm to 8:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


Join Susan Horning to discover what it takes to live a good life, and how you can improve your life by understanding Classical Feng Shui. And take home a free copy of her instructional booklet, Feng Shui Fundamentals.

As we begin a new cycle (the Year of the Earth Pig), we can expect to find new and exciting changes in our lives. How we adapt, progress and navigate these changes determines our 'luck' and is influenced by key turning points in our destiny. Navigating our choices successfully at critical moments of change can optimize our potential and influence, and this is where Feng Shui and Bazi can really help.

  Learn to apply the basic tenets of Classical Feng Shui to optimize your environment and align yourself for success

  Determine your personal lucky number (or Gua)

  Reveal your personal best directions and favourable sectors

  Start the year with a fresh perspective on yourself, your home, and your workspace.

Susan Horning, BBA, is a Feng Shui Practitioner, Bazi Taoist Astrologist, Yoga Teacher and the Owner/Director of Unity Yoga Teahouse in Vancouver. Over the past decade of committed study and application of her practices, she has harnessed the tools of Bazi Astrology, Eight Mansions, Flying Stars and Xuan Kong Feng Shui to increase her luck and life. Passionate about the analysis of time, she uses astrological insight as a road-map for her personal choices. She is the author of Feng Shui Fundamentals.