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(Why) Family Matters - with Kabbalah Teacher Chagai Shouster

Tuesday, November 7, 2017
6:30pm to 8:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


Whether biological, adoptive, or chosen, our families push our buttons like no one else can.  Kabbalah teaches that this is because our family INSTALLS OUR BUTTONS! By better understanding the spiritual ramifications of familial relations, we can better navigate those relationships. Chagai Shouster will discuss the role our soul plays in choosing our childhood and environment, the different dynamics between parents and children, spouses, siblings and more distant relatives, Kabbalistic tools to assist us in lessening emotional distress and increasing fulfillment in these relationships and more!

Chagai Shouster found Kabbalah on Mount Everest, or rather, Kabbalah found him.Chagai had dreamed of going to Mt Everest, and when he got there after leaving the Israeli army in 1995, his life changed forever. He has been a Kabbalah teacher for 20 years, spanning the globe in locations like Tel Aviv, London, Boston, Las Vegas, Orange County, and now Vancouver BC. He started the first Kabbalah Centre study group in Istanbul, Turkey.

His teachings are filled with the simplicity of kabbalistic wisdom, and he is particularly talented at helping others take what seems complicated and make it simple. “Every single problem has a simple solution,” he says, and his goal is to share the spiritual tools needed to find these solutions. He shares with his students the tools that are necessary for the process of transformation, helping them to remove their negativity to become a better person, a better channel of light, and a person living the life they are meant to live – a life of never-ending fulfillment.