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It's Never Too Late: Healing Prebirth and Birth At Any Age with Dr. Mia Kalef

Friday, November 16, 2018
6:30pm to 8:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


Are your experiences from in the womb and birth still affecting you today? Come find out how you can detect and begin transforming unwanted effects from when you were a sentient embryo, fetus, and birthing baby.

Following her breakthrough book, The Secret Life of Babies, Dr. Mia Kalef now deepens her exploration of human sentience before conception and during birth. Whether you aim to understand your baby's messages, are wishing to detect and heal your experiences from your time in the womb and at birth, are a health professional, or in a position of care for another, this book offers a courageous and clear guide for decoding and healing some of society’s hardest to reach issues: Depression, anxiety, violence, addiction, suicide, as well as other subtler and more pervasive adult challenges like low self-esteem, feelings of exclusion, and fears of intimacy.  

It's Never Too Late also addressees common challenges parents and their babies encounter. Rarely discussed issues like how to heal after challenging births, hospital interventions, and what to do when babies are inconsolable, experiencing movement or postural challenges, or having trouble making eye contact, are just some of the issues this book explores.

“Mia is a gifted healer and passionate writer.”

Gabor Maté, M.D.

"This seminal work should be required reading for all health professionals, especially those in childbirth and mental health. Whether you need to overcome a difficult birth (as a baby, mother or father), or want to help others prevent, or heal from, them, It’s Never Too Late is the perfect resource. Reading it will leave you inspired and dedicated to share this profoundly important information with the world."

— Joel M. Evans, M.D.

Mia Kalef is a therapist, author, and ceremonialist, dedicated to seeing the soul of things. She practiced as a Chiropractor for eighteen years and has been a craniosacral therapist for twenty five years. She mentors health professionals in bringing prebirth and birth awareness to their work and gives divinations in the Dagara tradition of west and central Africa. She lives on Denman Island where she holds retreats, and travels internationally serving humanity’s intersection with the subtle world.