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Claus Kostka ~ Family Constellation Weekend

August 16 - 18, 2019

The Post at 750
110 - 750 Hamilton St.

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There are only a few spots left. Early registration is highly recommended.

Many of us are seemingly chained to a destiny which is not really ours and which prevents us from finding and leading authentic existences. Many of us live this way without realizing it and without recognizing that we are repeating the fates of other family members.

Family Constellation Work is a facilitated group process that helps to reveal and liberate us from repetitive entanglements with our ancestors and families of origin. This process can lead to profound changes in our lives in the realms of relationship, money, creativity, and spirituality. As the process unfolds we rediscover our inner radiance and clarity.

Kostka's work heals intergenerational suffering. It enlivens us to our sense of purpose, our deepest selves, and our relationships.

Claus Kostka is an internationally renowned Family Constellation facilitator and Systemic Energy Psychologist from Europe. His workshops are powerful, inspiring, and heart-opening. Kostka has a genuine and warm presence -- a warmth and wisdom that inspires trust. 
Claus Kostka is a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice spanning 40 years. He is also a certified somatic-body therapist, art therapist and family therapist. His work has a strong spiritual (non-sectarian) foundation.

"Over the course of the workshop, Kostka masterfully and tenderly illuminated the hidden dynamics of many inter-generational obstacles within my family in a manner which allowed me to affect immediate change in my life."

– Dan Nesbitt, Kostka workshop attendee

Details & Registration

: Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday all day.

Cost of participation:

•  Full participation: $450
•  Proxy / Observer participation: $195

•  Full participation: Participants will have the opportunity to work directly with Claus Kostka on their own family constellations. Limited to 16.

•  Proxy participation: Attend the weekend as an auditor/observer, were you may be asked to participate in others’ constellations. Limited to 15.


Sonia Kowalewski 604.603.3642

Full payment is required to reserve your spot in the workshop. In case of cancellation, the fee is not refundable unless your spot is filled.

Preferred payment method: e-Transfer

Space is limited, register early to secure your spot!