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Lalitha - Cultivating Spiritual Maturity

Teachings fom a Living Mystic

Sunday, April 29, 2018
11:15am to 1:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


Join Lalitha at Banyen for a talk on the theme of he forthcoming book Cultivating Spiritual Maturity.

The much-needed message of this book is that spiritual practice is not a weekend hobby or an activity for adolescent seekers (of any age). Instead, Lalitha makes a case for  mature spirituality, which evolves from a serious commitment to the Path, and assumes dignity, integrity and personal responsibility for one’s life choices. Lalitha proposes a series of “questions that matter” inviting the reader to delve deeply into issues that must be faced or clarified as he/she proceeds on any spiritual path, whether it is characterized by self awareness, contemplation and devotion, or service. Throughout, she argues that the playing field of spiritual maturity will never be separate from one’s everyday life⎯one’s work, relationships, art, physical limits, suffering, aging and dying. Such maturity will, however, always reflect a sacred regard for the highest principles (one’s aim), along with gratitude for what is, and kindness, generosity and compassion toward others. 

"It is a rare opportunity to meet a teacher of Lalitha's authenticity and integrity. Lalitha represents a radical path of transformation that is 'in and through the body', and which integrates the full range of experience - from practicalities of everyday life to the ancient esoteric Inner Yogas." JS

Lalitha is a spiritual teacher in the Western Baul tradition which has roots in Vajrayana Buddhism, tantric Shiva-Shaktism, and mystical Sufism. She has been a disciple of Western Baul Master Lee Lozowick for over 35 years, and presently runs a practice sanctuary and organic garlic farm in the BC interior. From a young age Lalitha had gifts as a highly attuned energy healer and herbalist. Her most recent book on spiritual practice is Waking to Ordinary Life.