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Introduction to Diamond Inquiry

Sunday, August 15, 2021
11:00am to 12:00pm

Live Webinar


Join Dominic Liber, author of the new book Diving in the Inner Ocean, for an experiential introduction to Diamond inquiry.

Developed by A. H. Almaas, this simple yet powerful practice combines the depth of meditation with the power of psychological insight. Through the contemplative practice of diamond inquiry, you can begin exploring your inner world just like a diver discovering a reef. In time, every situation can become a doorway to deep insight and transformation.

"In simple and easy steps, Dominic invites us to befriend our experience and to gently explore it through to its underlying meanings, coming to depths we have not contemplated and places we have not known in us."

—from the foreword
by A. H. Almaas

"Whether you are an experienced meditator or are new to inner work, the teachings here are a treasure trove of helpful experience and insight."

Russ Hudson

Dominic Liber is an explorer, teacher, and writer, following a lifelong passion for both the magical and mystical, and the scientific and rational. He leads groups and courses on the Diamond Approach, does research, and works one-on-one with students in the UK and in South Africa. He personally has found the Diamond Approach to be the most resonant and powerful way to discover, understand, and liberate the mysterious and limitless potentials of a human being.