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Leopard Warrior ~ African Teachings of Ancestry, Instinct & Dreams with Sangoma/Shaman John Lockley

Book Talk

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
6:30pm to 8:00pm

Banyen, 3608 W. 4th Ave.


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(Sat & Sun) Sept. 22 - 23
at: Bridge & Enrich
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Private Divinations (info below)

Join John Lockley, renowned sangoma/South African Shaman, for a rare Vancouver book launch, ceremony, & divination reading. The powerful two-day ceremony will include dream & ancestral teachings, dance, healing, ritual, & plant medicine (e.g. Pine & Sage).

Malidoma Somé, Sandra Ingerman, & Jack Kornfield have highly praised his work. Lockley is a fully recognized & initiated traditional sangoma/shaman in the Xhosa tribe of South Africa – the same tribe as Nelson Mandala and Desmond Tutu. He uniquely bridges African spirituality with Zen and Western Psychology. Leopard Warrior, his bestselling new book, is published by Sounds True.

Leopard Warrior Book talk

Wed, Sept 19, 6:30-8pm
Free at Banyen Books & Sound


The Leopard is one of the most loved and revered animal totems in Africa. ‘Leopard Warrior’ is a call for people to listen to their inner nature and face their own shadows. For many people it means facing their wounds, their vulnerability and therein lies the alchemy for our transformation. Sangomas are traditional healers/ shamans from South Africa. They are called in a profound, ancient way via dreams and a mysterious illness to become mystic healers. John was born to become a Sangoma and recalls his odyssey from civil war in South Africa, Zen Buddhist meditation in South Korea to prophetic dreams and a ten-year apprenticeship under MaMngwevu, a traditional Xhosa woman from Nelson Mandela’s tribe. John talks about ‘humanity’ (Ubuntu) and his quest to find an end to war which began for him through listening to his dreams and accepting his ‘calling illness’. Leopard Warrior is a pioneering book bridging South African traditional spirituality and modern Western Psychology.

Way of the Leopard ceremony

Sat & Sun, Sept 22-23, 10am-5pm
at Bridge & Enrich
$260 regular /
235 Senior/Student
Tickets available here.


This two day ceremony is based on John Lockley’s bestselling debut book, Leopard Warrior: A Journey into the African Teachings of Ancestry, Instinct & Dreams. It will be a joyful exploration of Ubuntu (Humanity) and what it means to be fully human, alive and connected to the natural world. John will teach participants how to connect to their life purpose through the ancient South African traditional teachings of Ubuntu. These teachings speak about the interconnectedness of all life. The workshop will be an exploration of ancestors, dreams and the practice of trance dancing.

In this two day ceremony, John will use guided meditation, prayer, song, dance, drumming, plant medicine (e.g. Pine, White Sage, Rosemary), and intention to help the participants to connect with their inner voice, sharing teachings on “Connecting with our Ancestral Lines” and “Remembering our Dreams”. He will also share experiences from working in the African Bush, how to track animals, helping participants to connect with their heartbeat, re-wilding them and strengthening their ability to move towards their life calling, their destiny.

John teaches about Ubuntu – Humanity – Connecting people to their Ancestors, their own indigenous roots, re-wilding people, connecting them to their dreams and their soul. John is a dreamer, a healer and a divinator who works with Sacred Ceremony, meditation, song, dance and cleansing herbs to help people to connect more fully to themselves, to find their Life Path, their Soul Calling.

You will learn how to connect to your ancestors in a timeless African way, and how to dance like the Leopard and let your spirit flow. To understand your life purpose it is important to connect to your bones, the roots of your being. Would you like to feel more alive and connected with your life purpose? Then join us for this remarkable day of meditation, dance and mystical teachings.

Private Divination ceremonies/sessions

September 26, 27, and 28
To book your private divination, contact Janeesha at

Cost: $195

: 'Throwing the bones'

As a traditional sangoma John is a trained 'diviner' and he receives messages from the ancestral world through dreams, trance dancing and 'throwing the bones'.

Each session is a ceremony whereby he chants in isiXhosa and creates a circle with tobacco. He chants the names of the client's ancestors into the circle. As the bones fall they create a constellation, representing the client's life. John speaks about the constellation, indicating the client's strengths and challenges. In keeping with the sangoma way, John often gives clients home-work involving private ceremonies or meditations.

These are not fortune telling sessions, but rather sessions to help people discover their gifts, and overcome their challenges. The power of these sessions is dependent on the client’s intention to work on themselves. John is simply a guide. The stronger the client's intention to realise their destiny or life path, the more energy is given to 'the bones'.

Suitable for: People searching for more direction in their lives, and a way to connect to their bones (ancestors).

"A beautiful invitation to open your eyes and heart to whole new worlds of shamanic healing and spirit. A reminder to trust your dreams and inspiration, and to love, dance and awaken to mystery."

–  Jack Kornfield

“John Lockley’s story is a remarkable and fascinating testimony to the ways in which the African ancestors pick and choose who they want to be the voice of their wisdom in the world. He is evidence that the ancestors have gone outside the tribal lineage to recruit ambassadors who can spread their wisdom and healing traditions. John’s story is a captivating testimony of a hero’s journey into uncharted territories.”

Malidoma Somé

"Leopard Warrior is truly a remarkable account of the initiation of a white male in South Africa into becoming a Sangoma. This is quite a sign to be entrusted with these deep ancestral mysteries. John Lockley shares a wealth of stories that will bring tears to your eyes as well as inspire you to want to learn more. The exercises he provides are simple yet transformative. This book is brilliant!"

Sandra Ingerman

John Lockley is one of the first modern white men in recent history to become a fully initiated Xhosa sangoma. His journey begins while working as a medic in the South African military towards the end of apartheid. He trained extensively under Zen master Su Bong in South Korea before returning back to post-apartheid South Africa where he spent 10 years in apprenticeship with MaMngwevu, a medicine woman from the Xhosa tribe (the same tribe as Nelson Mandala and Desmond Tutu). She named him Cingolweendaba, meaning the messenger or connector between people and cultures. John now splits his time teaching in South Africa, Ireland, Europe, and the US, facilitating Way of the Leopard retreats. For more information, visit