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Lalitha and Yogacharini Maitreyi - Fine-tuning the Brain for Extraordinary Spiritual Practice

Saturday, February 17, 2018
4:30pm to 6:30pm

Yoga on 7th
156 East 7th Ave.

$15-$25 (by donation)

no one will be turned away due to lack of funds

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Join Lalitha and Maitreyi Yogacharini for Mystical and Practical Teachings on Fine-tuning the Brain for Extraordinary Spiritual Practice: How brain functioning impacts your Sadhana/spiritual practice.

Lalitha is a spiritual teacher in the Western Baul tradition which has roots in Vajrayana Buddhism, tantric Shiva-Shaktism, and mystical Sufism. She has been a disciple of Western Baul Master Lee Lozowick for over 35 years, and presently runs a practice sanctuary and organic garlic farm in the BC interior. From a young age Lalitha had gifts as a highly attuned energy healer and herbalist. She is the author of several books including Waking to Ordinary Life and Cultivating Spiritual Maturity (to be released Spring 2018). lalitha-interview

Yogacharini Maitreyi is a practical Mystic and the founder of Arkaya Yoga, which integrates all dimensions of ones existence. Maitreyi was given the title of Yoga Semmal (expert) in India in 2007 and also invited to be on the Advisory Board of the World Yoga Council in Europe in 2006. Maitreyi has published over 100 articles and teaches internationally. She also runs a foundation for children in Chennai, India. The Arkaya Teacher Training in Vancouver and India is a self awareness program that takes you into the subtler principles of classical Yoga traditional Tantra, Healing and Ayurveda.