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Living Your Heart's Vision

Sunday, March 26, 2017
11:30am to 1:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


How do we come to know our heart’s vision and live our lives in alignment with our deepest essence? How do we create a sanctuary of safety for ourselves where truth can emerge and inspiration will flourish? How do we become who we already are, living the life-path that is most natural to us? Ross will lead the group through an organic and spontaneous discovery session focused on what makes each of us unique and how we can offer our gifts to the world. Guests can expect this to be part talk, part guided process and part group discussion. The event will be highly participatory and based on the unique dynamics created by the group.

Ross McKeachie is a practitioner and guide in yoga (union) and heart-centred consciousness. He works with individuals and groups of innovators, creators and leaders dedicated to positive change. He supports clients in taking sanctuary to unfold the truth of their own, unique heart’s vision. Through this process, they are better able to live the life-path that is right and natural for them, contributing to greater harmony on a personal & global scale.

Ross comes from an eclectic background of rugby, entrepreneurship & business consulting, performance & comedy, writing, consciousness exploration and a life of following the heart’s vision.

Formally, he graduated from BCIT with a Diploma in Marketing Management & Entrepreneurship. He is trained as a teacher of Arkaya Yoga - based on the classical Indian yogic system. He is also trained as a coach using the Accelerated Evolution methods - a set of fast and effective consciousness enhancing tools distilled from the best of the world’s healing and wisdom traditions. The common thread is that both of these modalities work to heal and dissolve old, unhealthy patterns and to align one with their highest potential.