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Sacred Sites: Discovering the Mysteries of Earth Energies

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
6:30pm to 8:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


Based on her spiritual travelogue Meet Me in the Underworld: How 77 Sacred Sites, 770 Cappuccinos, and 26,000 Miles Led Me to My Soul, Svetlana Meritt takes us on a journey to some world-famous sanctuaries of magic and mystery, mythology and miracles, sacred healing and worship. Join us for an evening of Svetlana’s soul-quest as she follows the currents of Earth energies that guided the visionary founders and architects of sacred sites. From the myth-imbued sanctuaries of Greece and the majestic Egyptian temples, through the remnants of mysterious Etruscan civilization in Italy, to the Neolithic alignments in Brittany and the Knights Templar power sites in Southern France, Svetlana explains the concept of Earth energies and what makes places sacred.

Svetlana Meritt revives the long-lost science of terrestrial energies and principles behind sacred sites.

As a former high-profile journalist and long-time spiritual seeker, Svetlana spent ten years traveling the globe on a quest for higher understanding and her mission in life—to help the revival of sacred sites and explain the nature of terrestrial energy. Based on her personal experiences of sacred sites, Svetlana takes you on a visual journey through the mysteries of the Earth currents that inform all life on the planet.

“Meet Me in the Underworld engaged me constantly­—it’s so human and chatty and thoughtful and sympathetic. I really hope it finds its place in the world."

~ Pico Iyer, author

“Joseph Campbell showed us the inner wonders of the heroic quest, now Svetlana Merritt gives us an enchanting personal account of the initiatory mysteries. This illumi­na­ting book is at once global and intimate in revealing lessons learned in a sweeping journey through sacred places and personal discoveries. Meet Me in the Underworld is a mythic adventure that will remain in the imagination for a lifetime.”

Jonathan Young, founding curator, Joseph Campbell Archive

Svetlana Meritt traveled the globe for ten years on a journey of self-discovery and mystical adventure. Before she undertook her heroine’s journey, Svetlana was a journalist and a foreign correspondent for a popular Serbian magazine Illustrated Politics. She interviewed many public figures, such as the Dalai Lama, Stanislav Grof, Laura Huxley, John Voight, Yoko Ono, and Allen Ginsberg. Svetlana is currently an author, teacher, public speaker, and professional photographer in Santa Barbara, California.