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Tesla Metamorphosis® with Anya Petrovic

Intro Presentation

Friday, December 1, 2017 7:00am

Park In Hotel by Radisson
898 West Broadway


Info here.

Tesla Metamorphosis Seminars
December 1 - 10, 2017

at: Park In Hotel by Radisson
898 West Broadway
Info & Registration here.

Anya Petrovic, the founder of Tesla Metamorphosis®, will give a Free presentation with a live demonstration of healing, as well as Seminars in Vancouver. Learn how you also can harness the power of the legendary inventor Nikola Tesla, whose most important concepts have been suppressed for 100 years, for the purpose of healing.

Tesla Metamorphosis® is not just energy healing; it connects with higher vibrations of information and light that affect our DNA and elevates the frequency of human consciousness. Tesla Waves, unique for this healing modality, enable all students to create the communication with clients on the level of the conscious, subconscious and integrative mind. Clients report healings from diseases that are considered incurable, usually after only three sessions.

Anya Petrovic, internationally recognised healer and teacher, has presented at Tesla International Science Conference in Philadelphia and the University of British Columbia in Canada. She has been featured in interviews in Dr. Prof. De Burgos Canadian documentary and in the new documentary by Play TV Australia (producers for US networks NBC, Discovery, Animal Planet, including "The Crocodile Hunter" series with Steve Irwin).

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