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Martín Prechtel ~ Rescuing the Light

Saturday, July 17, 2021
11:00am to 12:00pm

Live Webinar


Join Martín Prechtel, renowned wisdom teacher & author, for a discussion of his two new books, Rescuing the Light and The Mare and the Mouse. Note that this event will be audio only.

Martín Prechtel is widely recognized as a profound and beloved teacher for our times. Raised in the Tzutujil Maya shamanic tradition, he has dedicated his life to the preservation and promulgation of indigenous spirituality. Sharing his deep shamanic wisdom within a grand overview of human history, Prechtel shows us how we can reconnect with the unique and unsuspected manifestations of our own sacred selves. He is the author of several contemporary classics, including The Smell of Rain on Dust and Secrets of the Talking Jaguar.

"The Mayan gods, who hold eloquence above all else, must surely be pleased with this soul, who, in this lifetime, is named Martín Prechtel.”

–Clarissa Pinkola Éstes

Rescuing the Light is a very powerful soul-growth book... The ideas here for renewal and reorganizing are so fresh and new that they quicken the taste buds and put an expectant readiness in the legs!”

- Coleman Barks

"Martín Prechtel offers stories that are precious and life-sustaining. Read carefully, and listen deeply.

Mary Oliver

Rescuing the Light is a collection of Prechtel's quotes and sayings spanning the course of fifteen years, and recorded at Bolad's Kitchen, a four-year course in New Mexico where students from all walks of life gather to receive hands-on training in language, history, cooking, farming, and crafts. Artist, musician, and storyteller, Prechtel teaches and initiates with passion and eloquence, awakening his students to the sacred realities present everywhere and at all times. The quotes of wisdom and inspiration collected in these pages are earth-centric and animist.

The Mare and the Mouse: Stories of My Horses, Volume I is a series of lyrical sagas in tribute to each of the native New Mexican horses that carried him through his youth on the reservation, and then again during the difficult times following his return home after over a decade in the Mayan Highlands of Guatemala. It is beautiful and hilarious, tearful and rambunctious, very real, ironic and magic-filled. Prechtel says he wrote this book "specially for people to be inspired to live magically and in depth with animals, and to give people to understand that it’s never too late to start living in a more tangible, dusty way that inspires life."