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How to Make Probiotic Dairy-Free Yogurt and Create a Friendlier Relationship with Food with Sadie Radinsky

Wednesday, March 10, 2021
7:00pm to 8:00pm

Live Webinar


Many of us, especially young women, have been taught to fear food. Sadie Radinsky wants to change that. In this talk, she will demonstrate how to make simple dairy-free Cashew & Coconut Yogurt at home, while discussing ways we can all learn to create a more friendly relationship with food.

In her book Whole Girl, Sadie offers ideas, advice, and practices to embrace and celebrate all parts of ourselves, as well as delicious paleo treat recipes that are good for the body. Each chapter welcomes a different mood (like Be Mad, Be Blue, Be Wild) to empower different aspects of our lives and help us appreciate who we are right now.

"Sadie’s outlook is so refreshing and comforting... She’s a true role model."

- Jameela Jamil
, actress from The Good Place

Sadie Radinsky is an 18-year-old blogger and recipe creator. For over six years, she has touched the lives of girls and women worldwide with her award-winning website,, where she shares paleo treat recipes and advice for living an empowered life. She has published articles and recipes in national magazines and other platforms, including Paleo, Shape, Justine, mindbodygreen, and The Primal Kitchen Cookbook. Her new book, Whole Girl, is published by Sounds True. She lives in the mountains of Los Angeles.