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Devotional Music - with Rishima Bahadoorsingh

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
7:00pm to 8:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


Join Rishima Bahadoorsingh for an evening of devotional music at Banyen!

Traditional Indian music (bhajan, kirtan, mantra, poetry or classical) is considered a divine art that can create unity with nature and bring one closer to the divine. Poetic themes of devotion, love, humanity, Gods and Goddesses, seasons, spirituality, and divinity are interwoven with Raaga (melody), Taala (rhythm), and Bhava (emotion). These have the ability to take the singers, musicians, and listeners deeper within themselves to discover love, peace, and unity.

About Rishima Bahadoorsingh

Drawing upon her unique Indo-Trinidadian roots, Rishima uses music to inspire, motivate, and entertain those around her.

Rishima created Ray of Light Music (a direct translation of "Rishima" in Sanskrit) to share her knowledge of Indian devotional music with those who would like to learn and experience the deep roots of spirituality in music.

Initially singing spiritual Indian songs rooted in the temple traditions of bhajans, kirtan and other devotional music, she later studied and performed formal music in piano and violin, voice, harmonium, and Indian percussion. She has worked under the guidance of Elena Steele, polishing her Western repertoire and her Indian vocals with Neeraja Aptikar. She has been enriching her vocals in North Indian music with the Shankar Mahadevan Adademy in India, completing levels equivalent to Prarambik and Praveshika Pratham. Since 2016, she has trained in Dhrupad (Naad yoga - yoga of sound) a meditative and ancient style singing originating from the Sama Veda, and is guided by Ramakant Gundecha and Manish Kumar.