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In Conversation with Humorist & Inspirational Speaker David Roche

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
7:00pm to 8:00pm

Live Webinar


Join David Roche, motivational speaker, author, humorist, and member of the Order of Canada, for a conversation with Q&A.

Born with a severe facial deformity, David has had a life that's been anything but easy. Still, over time he's learned to accept his gifts as well as his flaws, and to see that, sometimes, they are one and the same.

In his book The Church of 80% Sincerity, David Roche shares the inspiring, poignant, wickedly funny, and sometimes heartbreaking story of his journey from shame to self-acceptance. Based on his signature one-man show of the same title, the book provides an irresistible and unforgettable glimpse of his (and everyone's) inner beauty and worth, and offers profound encouragement in dealing with whatever life brings.

"David lost the great big outward thing, the good looking packaging, and still the real parts endured. They shine through like crazy, the brilliant mind and humour, the depth of generosity, the intense blue eyes."

Anne Lamott

David's face distinguishes him from all other presenters and speakers. What really makes David unique, however, is his remarkable spirit, warmth, wit and authenticity.

David has transformed the challenges and gifts of living with a facial difference into a compelling message that uplifts and delights audiences around the world. The story of his heroic journey from shame to strength has inspired standing ovations from the White House and Kennedy Center to Olympics Arts Festivals, from New Zealand to Moscow, London to Sydney, and across North America. David presents keynote speeches and entertainment for corporate, association, disability and educational events of all kinds. David has been featured in four films, including Shameless, a feature-length documentary from the National Film Board. He recently received the Order of Canada.

photo credit: Kim Komenich