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Merlin Sheldrake ~ Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures

Sunday, September 27, 2020
11:00am to 12:15pm

Live Event on Zoom


Join Merlin Sheldrake, author of Entangled Life, for a mind-bending journey into the hidden universe of fungi. This will be a live conversation with opportunities to ask questions.

In Entangled Life, the brilliant young biologist Merlin Sheldrake shows us the world from a fungal point of view, providing an exhilarating change of perspective. Sheldrake’s vivid exploration takes us from yeast to psychedelics, to the fungi that range for miles underground and are the largest organisms on the planet, to those  that link plants together in complex networks known as the “Wood Wide Web,” to those that infiltrate and manipulate insect bodies  with devastating precision.

"Merlin takes us on a magical journey deep into the roots of Nature—the mycelial universe that exists under every footstep we take in life.”
~ Paul Stamets

"This is a book that, by virtue of the power of its writing, shifts your sense of the human."
~ Michael Pollan

Fungi throw our concepts of individuality and even intelligence into question. They are metabolic masters, earth makers, and key players in most of life’s processes. They can change our minds, heal our bodies, and even help us remediate environmental disaster. By examining fungi on their own terms, Sheldrake reveals how these extraordinary organisms—and our relationships with them—are changing our understanding of how life works.

Merlin Sheldrake is a biologist and a writer. He received a Ph.D. in tropical ecology from the University of Cambridge for his work on underground fungal networks in tropical forests in Panama, where he was a predoctoral research fellow of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. He is a musician and keen fermenter. He is the author of Entangled Life.