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Amma Sri Karunamayi - Public Discourse and Blessings

April 18 - 19, 2018

Canadian Memorial Church and Centre for Peace, 1825 W. 16th Ave. (at Burrard)


Spiritual Discourse
April 18, 7-10pm

Individual Blessing Day
April 19, 11am-7pm

Amma Sri Karunamayi will be visiting Vancouver for the first time April 18th and 19th offering a public discourse and individual blessings.

Amma is internationally revered as a Living Saint, Humanitarian, Peace and Spiritual Leader, uniting Science and Spirituality while spreading Divine Motherly Love to all.

Please come and experience Amma’s unconditional Love, Peace and Divine Blessings. All events are free and open to all faiths and backgrounds.

Divine Blessings:

This is a very special opportunity for you and your family to speak one-on-one with Amma and convey any specific questions, concerns, or blessing request from her. Individual blessings are a wonderful opportunity to receive Mother’s gifts of profound love and spiritual energy, Amma considers all of creation as her own family and all beings as her own children.

For many people the individual blessing is an encounter with the Divine in the form of a human being, a Saint, a Teacher, a Spiritual Guide, and a Loving Mother. Great peace and inner silence comes easily in the presence of our beloved Amma.

Amma offers a special blessing, Saraswati Diksha, for student’s ages 4-24 in which she gives them a special mantra that enhances their memory power and helps them with their studies.  If you are interested, please register for this event when you check in on Blessing Day.  While all events are free, Saraswati Diksha follows the ancient Vedic tradition where students offer their teacher a donation.

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