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Stories from the Magic Canoe of Wa'xaid, with Cecelia Reekie & Briony Penn

Book Talk

Thursday, September 19, 2019
6:30pm to 8:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


Who better to tell the narrative of our times about the restoration of land and culture than Wa'xaid, (the Good River) or Cecil Paul, an Xenaksiala elder, who pursued both in his ancestral home, the Kitlope ~ now the largest protected unlogged temperate rainforest left on the planet. Paul's cultural teachings are more relevant today than ever in the face of environmental threats, climate change and social inequity, while his personal stories of loss from residential schools, industrialization, and theft of cultural property put a human face to the survivors of this particular brand of genocide.

Told in Cecil Paul's singular, vernacular voice, Stories from the Magic Canoe of Wa'xaid spans a lifetime of experience, suffering and survival.

Cecelia Reekie is Wa'xaid's daughter, and a proud member of the Haisla First Nation. She believes in the power of sharing personal stories to bring awareness in regards to culture and the history of Aboriginal people in Canada. Cecelia always speaks from her heart and weaves many different life experiences through her cultural presentations.

Briony Penn is an award-winning writer of creative non fiction books as well as a contributor to many anthologies and chapter books. She is also the author of The Real Thing: The Natural History of Ian Mc Taggart Cowan, A Year On The Wild Side, and a soon to be released expanded biography of Cecil Paul, entitled Following The Good River. Briony uses words, art and humour to connect people to the other voices of the Salish Sea and the natural world.