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Leila Stuart - Pathways to a Centered Body: The Psoas Muscle As Touchstone to Self

Banyen Presentation

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
6:30pm to 8:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


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Workshop: The Supportive Psoas
April 21-22, 2018
at: Maa Yoga, North Vancouver
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Leila's new book Pathways to a Centered Body: Gentle Yoga Therapy for Core Stability, Healing Back Pain and Moving with Ease, co-authored with Donna Farhi, unravels the complexities of the psoas to reveal its underlying function as a unifying structure for the bodymind.

The psoas is a truly yogic muscle, bridging the body back to front, top to bottom, core to periphery, and spine to limbs. Though hidden deep within the body, the psoas is increasingly acknowledged as one of the most important muscles of the human structure. It has a multidimensional influence on physical, emotional and mental experience of stability, strength and connection. When gently and sensitively
accessed experientially the psoas can initiate a process of deep inner transformation as well as healing back pain, pelvic instability, digestive issues and a multitude of other physical conditions.

Physically, the psoas can be a source of core stability and centrally initiated movement but its power lies in connecting us to our deepest feelings, our inner power and our inherent Wholeness.  

Exploring this deep and often forgotten muscle for over 25 years in her yoga therapy classes, workshops and trainings, Leila developed a six step protocol to find and access the psoas as a Touchstone for staying centered in the true Self. As deeply held tension is resolved, this work can help you feel more grounded, mentally focused, emotionally calm, and more able to stay connected with yourself and others. 

Leila Stuart BA, LLB, C-IAYT, is a Registered Massage Therapist and has practiced and taught yoga for over 40 years. Leila developed and taught an innovative Yoga Therapy training for 15 years, focusing on experiential anatomy, alignment and movement repatterning, and embodiment of the deeper teachings of yoga as pathways to self-healing. With a deep love and intuitive knowledge of experiential anatomy, Leila specializes in transforming academic information into somatic awareness and life changing experience. She is an international teacher, online educator and conference presenter, and recently wrote Pathways to A Centered Body, co-authored with Donna Farhi. Visit