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West Coast Healing Series

September 15 - 22, 2021

Online Series


where you can discover a variety of ways to bring more authenticity & alignment into your life!

From September 15th, 2020, you will receive one episode a day for 8 days.

In this video event, you’ll receive inspiring, yet practical insights into how to leverage your own inner wisdom to support the natural healing process.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from well-respected educators, health practitioners, coaches, and energy healers…

Attending the West Coast Healing Series will help you gain confidence that you do have the power to impact your own healing…

And use this knowledge to not only prevent future ailments but to also deal more successfully with life and its challenges.

During this event, you will discover:

Why being embodied is a necessity, with the feminine embodiment coach Abneet SANDHAR.

How with awareness comes choice, with Tyler FREED.

How to develop your intuitive skills, with Dr. Divi CHANDNA.

How to cultivate the power of our intention and the importance of clearing to become a channel for Spirit, with Julia KING.

How can you understand your blueprint, with Teza ZIALCITA.

How slowing down is actually speeding up our evolution, with Maitreyi YOGACHARINI.

The healing power of cacao ceremony with Mark SCISCENTI.

Fleur CHOY will guide us into a powerful sound healing journey to close this series.
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