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Peter Wohlleben ~ author of The Hidden Life of Trees

Thursday, July 15, 2021
10:00am to 11:00am

Live Webinar

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The New York Times bestselling author of The Hidden Life of Trees presents a talk on his new book, The Heartbeat of Trees: Embracing Our Ancient Bond with Forests and Nature with Q&A.

Drawing on new scientific discoveries, The Heartbeat of Trees reveals the profound interactions humans can have with nature, exploring the language of the forest, the consciousness of plants, and the eroding boundary between flora and fauna. Wohlleben shares how to see, feel, smell, hear, and even taste your journey into the woods.

Above all, he reveals a wondrous cosmos where humans are a part of nature, and where conservation is not just about saving trees—it’s about saving ourselves, too.

As human beings, we’re desperate to feel that we’re not alone in the universe. And yet we are surrounded by an ongoing conversation that we can sense if, as Peter Wohlleben so movingly prescribes, we listen to the heartbeat of all life.”

~ Richard Louv

“As Peter Wohlleben reminds us in The Heartbeat of Trees, trees are the vocabulary of nature as forests are the brainbank of a living planet.”

~ Dr. Diana Beresford-Kroeger

Peter Wohlleben spent over twenty years working for the forestry commission in Germany before leaving to put his ideas of ecology into practice. He now runs an environmentally-friendly woodland in Germany, where he is working for the return of primeval forests. He is the author of numerous books about the natural world including the New York Times bestseller The Hidden Life of Trees, The Inner Lives of Animals, and The Secret Wisdom of Nature, which together make up his bestselling The Mysteries of Nature series. He has also written numerous books for children including Can You Hear the Trees Talking? and Peter and the Tree Children.