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Yogi Cameron and Yogini Jaima - The Yogi Code

Talk & Signing

Friday, June 2, 2017 7:30pm

Semperviva Yoga
Kits Beach Studio & Lifestyle Store
#110-2201 West 4th Ave.


Intensive Workshop
June 3-4, 2017

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We invite you to a conversation and gathering exploring a conscious path to success through a discussion on the seven chapters of The Yogi Code which include Routine, Practice, Self Study, Intention, Purpose, Service and Love.

Please join Yogi Cameron, Yogini Jaima, and other thought leaders for an intimate conversation dedicated to applying highest intentions to ordinary - as well as extraordinary - life experiences. From the worlds of entertainment, spirituality, fashion and business, we will explore the known as much as the unknown, and share experiences that expand on our like-minded mission of walking the awakened path and being of service to humanity.

Yogi Cameron is one of the most celebrated Ayurvedic and Yogic practitioners in the world. Since 2003 he has been taking these ancient teachings from India, were he was trained and also lives part time, bringing them to people around the world through his TV show and other media outlets. He is the author of The Guru In You and The One Plan and is now bringing you his new book The Yogi Code which holds 7 of the most important and powerful teachings of the Yogic path.

Yogi Cameron has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show,The Today Show, Extra, E! News, The Insider and many other news and entertainment outlets. He has also been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ELLE, Vogue, The London Times to name a few. YC is a resident expert on ‘Conversations with Maria Menounos’ on SiriusXM. Yogi Cameron has launched, a private portal where many gather to share ideas, thoughts and experiences while receiving guidance and expertise on Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda as a lifestyle. You can find out more by visiting

Yogini Jaima entered the world of acting and performance from a very young age. She was traveling the world and living a celebrity life when she came across the Yogic path and left the acting world behind to pursue her spiritual calling.

Yogini Jaima is a devotee of Mookambika temple and the Chankarachari Linage. She has been trained in Ayurveda and Yoga through Sri guru Vasudevanji from the Sri Namboothiripad Lineage. YJ has also been trained as a teacher and initiated into the Saraswati Lineage of Sivananda by her teacher Yogi Charu. Yogini Jaima now travels the world teaching and being of service to aspirants and seekers around the globe and spends the other part of her time living in a small village in south India doing her own Sadhana with the holy men of the temple. For more information visit