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Greening, Gardening, Activism and Hope

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Greening, Gardening, Activism and Hope

It’s all done with people! Smart energy, smart practices for body, home, garden, business, bioregion. Wise, hands-on, dirty fingers, doing “the work that reconnects” in so many ways. from simple living best practices and energy-saving tips to policy-crafting in business and community.  Join us here to share your seasoned tips, stories, or connections for greening, mending, designing, or governing our world.  Feel free to post your comments and responses to other comments made.

Who knows where the nettles are?

Where are the great patches of nettles in Vancouver?  I'm hungry!  There are some great nettle recipes in the new Hollyhock cookbook that just came out: Hollyhock: from Garden to Table.

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