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Light & Vibration with Swami Lalitananda

Thursday, May 23, 2019
6:30pm to 8:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


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PLUS more events in Vancouver with Swami Lalitananda: Talk, Gathering, & Workshop, May 25 & 26. Info here.

How can Light and sound open us to the brilliant universe within? How can we access the hidden place of the mind, a place where Light is always present? Gather with Swami Lalitananda, president of Yasodhara Ashram, to learn practices that can help you attune to the more subtle voices within and to higher vibrations that illumine the mind and heart. Swami Lalitananda will also be introducing the new Temple of Light at Yasodhara Ashram through visual images and stories.

Swami Lalitananda is the president of Yasodhara Ashram. A swami since 1996 and a long-time student of yoga, she is an intuitive and approachable leader. Swami Lalitananda brings an innovative spirit to yoga practice. She founded “Radha”—a yoga studio, eatery and gallery in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver—and she was a columnist for the award-wining yoga magazine, Ascent. She is also the author of The Inner Life of Asanas and the Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga.