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practice of embodying emotions

Practice of Embodying Emotions

A Guide for Improving Cognitive, Emotional, and Behavioral Outcomes
$28.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication Date: March, 2022
ISBN: 9781623174774
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From a senior trainer in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing program, here’s an introduction to a new science-based somatic psychotherapy that effectively relieves emotional difficulties, regulates behavior, and improves wellbeing.

Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP) is an easy-to-learn therapeutic modality developed by psychologist Dr. Raja Selvam, who believes optimal mental health relies on our ability to fully embody our emotions. Drawing on neuroscience, body-psychotherapy, somatic psychology, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, Selvam describes how our bodies can be used as vehicles for affective processing, thereby alleviating mental suffering while regulating behavior and enhancing memory, language, and critical thinking.

Clinicians will learn capacity-building skills to teach their clients, like how to tolerate all feelings (especially the uncomfortable ones) while navigating life's inevitable challenges. Selvam describes what he sees as four new categories of emotional embodiment work:

  • Situation, which links context to affect response.
  • Emotion, which fosters acceptance of emotions.
  • Expansion/Regulation, connecting brain and body to expand emotional tolerance.
  • Integration, where attention is used for bolstering bodily and energetic stability.

ISP has been tested internationally and shown to shorten the average treatment times for most patients. It can be used either as a primary or complementary approach for therapists of any orientation who may be looking for innovative ways to help their patients self-regulate and enjoy a wider range of emotional experiences.

four pivots

Four Pivots

Reimagining Justice, Reimagining Ourselves
$24.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication Date: January, 2022
ISBN: 9781623175429
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For readers of Emergent Strategy and Dare to Lead, an activist's roadmap to long-term social justice impact through four simple shifts.

We need a fundamental shift in our values--a pivot in how we think, act, work, and connect. Despite what weve been told, the most critical mainspring of social change isnt coalition building or problem analysis. Its healing: deep, whole, and systemic, inside and out.

Here, Shawn Ginwright, PhD, breaks down the common myths of social movements--a set of deeply ingrained beliefs that actually hold us back from healing and achieving sustainable systemic change. He shows us why these frames dont work, proposing instead four revolutionary pivots for better activism and collective leadership:

Awareness: from lens to mirror
Connection: from transactional to transformative relationships
Vision: from problem-fixing to possibility-creating
Presence: from hustle to flow

Supplemented with reflections, prompts, cutting-edge research, and the authors own insights and lived experience as an African American social scientist, professor, and movement builder, The Four Pivots helps us uncover our blind spots. It shows us how to discover new lenses and boldly assert our need for connection, transformation, trust, wholeness, and healing. It gives us permission to create a better future--to acknowledge that a broken system has been predefining our dreams and limiting what we allow ourselves to imagine, but that it doesnt have to be that way at all. Are you ready to pivot?

initiates of the flame

Initiates of the Flame

The Deluxe Edition
$20.50 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: St. Martin's Publishing Group
Publication Date: December, 2021
ISBN: 9781250254252
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Manly P. Hall is widely recognized as the preeminent voice of occult scholarship in the twentieth century, famous for his esoteric masterpiece The Secret Teachings of All Ages (1928). Now, in this deluxe edition, Hall’s earliest work, The Initiates of the Flame, is reborn with a full complement of illustrations and historical introductions.

Originally published in 1922, The Initiates of the Flame is Hall’s first exploration—and still one of his most powerful—of myth and symbol. Its pages shine on a light on the inner meaning of symbols including the pyramid, holy grail, flame of wisdom, ark of the covenant, all-seeing eye, sword and stone, the elements of alchemy, and other gateways to the unseen world.

This modern edition of the classic book includes the complete original text along with a timeline of Hall’s life. Edited and reintroduced by popular voice of esoteric spirituality, Mitch Horowitz, and president of the Philosophical Research Society, Greg Salyer, this is the signature presentation of Hall’s landmark.

awake where you are

Awake Where You Are

The Art of Embodied Awareness
$25.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Wisdom Publications
Publication Date: November, 2021
ISBN: 9781614297222
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The body is of course integral to meditation, but only a few books focus this specifically on the body and the meditative experience. Awake Where You Are does, and also integrates psychological concepts, which provides a more familiar entry point for people less familiar with Buddhism.

Embodied awareness is the way back home—intimacy with where and how we are right now, with what is happening and how we are meeting it. My intention is to lead you into the heart of your life. Inside your body, where everything happens—within a quality of listening rather than knowledge, of feeling rather than reaction. This meditative practice is radically transformative.

Pulled around by desires and distractions, we’re easily disconnected from ourselves. Life is happening right in front of us and within us but still, we manage to miss so much of it. Awake Where You Are invites us to go deep into our own bodies, to inhabit our sensory experience carefully; to learn the art of living from the inside out.

The practices in the book literally bring us back into our skin, where we can reconnect with a more rich, meaningful, and peaceful life. Aylward writes with sophisticated subtlety, as well as the heart-opening simplicity and clarity born of deep experience.

More than a meditation guide—it’s a guide to living an embodied life. You’ll learn about these areas and practices:

  • How the three primary drives—survival, sexual, and social—function within us, and how we can engage their energy to explore, understand, and liberate them.
  • Goes beyond the broad brushstrokes of Buddhist psychology, inviting the reader into an exploration of their own particular psychological history and conditioning.
  • Investigating the nuances of love. Readers will learn to see the classical Buddhist heart qualities, or brahma viharas (loving-kindness, compassion, appreciative joy, and equanimity) as distinct flavors of love, and as the natural resting places of a free heart.

“Martin expertly encourages us to melt mere understanding into a holistic body/mind/spirit experience of natural freedom. This book beautifully integrates the temporal with the sublime, the seen with the unseen worlds in such a way as to leave the reader genuinely aligned with the prospect of being ‘free to die with one’s heart wide open, whenever that time comes.’” Sarah Powers, author of Lit from Within

how to meditate

How to Meditate

A Practical Guide to Making Friends with Your Mind
$21.99 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: November, 2021
ISBN: 9781683648420
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When we look for a meditation teacher, we want someone who has intimate knowledge of the path. That’s why so many have turned to Pema Chödrön, whose gentle yet straightforward guidance has been a lifesaver for both first-time and experienced meditators. With How to Meditate, the American-born Tibetan Buddhist nun presents her first book that explores in-depth what she considers the essentials for a lifelong practice.

I think ultimately why we practice is so that we can become completely loving people, and this is what the world needs.

More of us are beginning to recognize a profound inner longing for authenticity, connection, compassion, and aliveness. Meditation, Pema explains, gives us a golden key to address this yearning. This comprehensive guide shows readers how to honestly meet and openly relate with the mind to embrace the fullness of our experience.

When something is bothering you—a person is bugging you, a situation is irritating you, or physical pain is troubling you—you must work with your mind, and that is done through meditation. Working with our mind is the only means through which we’ll actually begin to feel happy and contented with the world that we live in.

 She teaches:

  • The basics of meditation, from getting settled and the six points of posture to working with your breath and cultivating an attitude of unconditional friendliness
  • The Seven Delights—how moments of difficulty can become doorways to awakening and love
  • Shamatha (or calm abiding), the art of stabilizing the mind to remain present with whatever arises
  • Thoughts and emotions as “sheer delight”—instead of obstacles—in meditation.

So if you ask why we meditate, I would say it’s so we can become more flexible and tolerant to the present moment... So meditation helps us cultivate this feeling of no big deal, not as a cynical statement, but as a statement of humor and flexibility. You’ve seen it all, and seeing it all allows you to love it all.

Pema Chödrön is the author of many books including When Things Fall Apart and The Places That Scare You. She serves as resident teacher at Gampo Abbey Monastery in Nova Scotia and is a student of Dzigar Kongtrül Rinpoche and the late Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

See gampoabbey.org.

sensing into presence

Sensing into Presence

A Collection of Guided Practices with Kim Eng
By: Kim Eng
$32.50 CAD
Spoken Word CD
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: November, 2021
ISBN: 9781988649177
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When we seek to connect with the present moment, many of us end up going into our thoughts—and disconnecting from our bodies. Kim Eng teaches a different approach. Her practices all nourish an exquisite sense of inner harmony—through movement and stillness, doing and allowing, mind and body, all working together to awaken us to the realization of our inherent wholeness. Now, with Sensing into Presence, this renowned teacher presents a compilation of her most effective meditations for bringing your whole self into a state of graceful Presence.

This collection assembles Kim’s best-loved practices from the Eckhart Tolle Now online community, grouped into three distinct sessions:

  • Breathing and Being” meditations focus on accessing relaxation and awareness through the gateway of the breath.
  • Deepening into Stillness of the Body” reveals the wisdom, strength, and beauty of your living form through gentle movement and focus.
  • Moving with Awareness and the Energy of Qi” brings you practices to help you awaken to and nourish your physical and subtle anatomy, granting you access to deep reserves of creativity, power, and insight.

“The present moment is an embodied realization,” Kim Eng says. Here is an opportunity to experience this remarkable teacher’s gift for helping you awaken your mind, body, and spirit with Sensing into Presence.

unshakable inner peace oracle cards

Unshakable Inner Peace Oracle Cards

A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook to Awaken & Align with Your True Power
$22.99 CAD
Tarot + Oracle Card Set
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: November, 2021
ISBN: 9781683648178
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Our current world anxiety levels are at an all-time high. Fear has set in on a collective, global level. Now more than ever we need tools to cultivate grounding and strength. To address this need comes Shannon Kaiser’s Unshakable Inner Peace Oracle Cards, an interactive deck designed and written by acclaimed coach, teacher, speaker, and author Shannon Kaiser. Responding to her hundreds of thousands of loyal readers and online community, she offers here an engaging practice tool for applying her signature teachings to our daily lives.

We’ve been looking outside of ourselves and thinking we’ll find the answers there. We’ve been unknowingly giving our power away because we aren’t taught how to believe and trust in ourselves. So we stay stuck in a perpetual cycle of worry and hopelessness.

But we can break that cycle. The 44 energetically infused cards feature stunning designs, offering empowering insights and practices to help us find peace and strength amid the chaos. Draw a card whenever inspired, to connect with your inner light, activate your deeper purpose, and become the love and light in times of darkness. This oracle deck helps us gain the confidence to be true to ourselves with the support of the divine wisdom and energies all around us.

Includes an in-depth 144-page guidebook with clear calls to action (Divine Assignments) and journal prompts.



How to Befriend Your Nervous System Using Polyvagal Theory
$24.99 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: November, 2021
ISBN: 9781683647065
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Discover your body’s neural pathways to calmness, safety, and connection.

An intense conversation, a spat with a partner, or even an obnoxious tweet—these situations aren’t life-or-death, yet we often react as if they are. That’s because our bodies treat most perceived threats the same way. Yet one approach has proven to be incredibly effective in training our nervous system to stop overreacting and start responding to the world with greater safety and ease: Polyvagal Theory.

In Anchored, expert teacher Deb Dana shares a down-to-earth presentation of Polyvagal Theory, then brings the science to life with practical, everyday ways to transform your relationship with your body. Using field-tested techniques, Dana helps you master the skills to become more aware of your nervous system moment to moment—and change the way you respond to the great and small challenges of life.

Here, you’ll explore:

  • Polyvagal Theory—get to know the biology and function of your vagus nerve, the highway of the nervous system
  • Befriending Your Nervous System—attune to what’s going on in your body by developing your “neuroception”
  • Using Your Vagal Brake—discover key techniques to consciously regulate the intensity of your emotions
  • Connection and Protection—learn to recognize and influence your internal cues for safety and danger
  • Your Social Engagement System—find ways to create nourishing relationships with others and the world around you
  • Practices and guidance to gently shape your nervous system for greater resilience, intuition, safety, and wonder.

Once we know how our nervous system works, we can work with it. We can learn to access an embodied, biological resource that is always present, available, and there to guide us toward well-being.

Through guided imagery, meditation, self-inquiry, and more, Anchored offers a practical user’s manual for moving from a place of fear and panic into a grounded space of balance and calm.

Dana draws on her considerable experience as a clinician and teacher, her extensive work with Polyvagal Theory, and her long-lasting close collaboration with its founder, Dr. Stephen Porges.

Also available by Deb Dana are:

  • Befriending Your Nervous System (8CD audio workshop, $116.99)
  • Polyvagal Exercises for Safety and Connection (paperback book, $31.95)
  • Polyvagal Flip Chart ($39.95).

empath's empowerment deck

Empath's Empowerment Deck

52 Cards to Guide and Inspire Sensitive People
$24.99 CAD
Tarot + Oracle Card Set
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: November, 2021
ISBN: 9781683648192
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This beautifully illustrated deck from an empathy expert is a sensitive person's toolbox for thriving in an overwhelming world.

For a sensitive person, the right support at the right moment can make the difference between a day of feeling overwhelmed and a day in which your precious gifts of sensitivity bring new joys, insights, and ways to express your creativity. With The Empath’s Empowerment Deck, Dr. Judith Orloff offers a powerful and immediately accessible tool to provide daily inspiration, guidance, meditative reflections, and in-the-moment support whenever we need it.

The special magic of these cards is that they provide instant guidance for any situation that you will face.

With her bestselling books and online teachings on empaths, Dr. Orloff has emerged as a trailblazer for helping highly sensitive people adapt and thrive in the modern world. In The Empath’s Empowerment Deck, she has created a resource for sensitive, caring people who want the clarity of intuitive guidance to inform their relationships and life choices. Empaths who consult these cards will be transported from an overactive mind to access your most heartfelt goals, visions, and true destiny. The cards are beautifully designed to uplift and inspire, help us reconnect with our intuition, enhance self-care, maintain healthy boundaries, tune in to the natural world, and much more.

Among Judith Orloff’s other books are The Empath’s Survival Guide and Thriving as an Empath.

path of the warrior-mystic

Path of the Warrior-Mystic

Being a Man in an Age of Chaos
$23.99 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Publication Date: November, 2021
ISBN: 9781644112670
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Ancient and classical societies have always had an ideal of manhood. In Japan, the samurai cultivated not only the art of the sword but also poetry, calligraphy, and spiritual practice. In Confucianism, the ideal man was the Chun-Tzu (the Higher Man), who cultivated both the arts of war and the arts of peace. And, in medieval Europe, the knight lived by the comparable code of chivalry. Such men, considered both warriors and mystics, exemplified wholeness. Yet, today, men exist in a chaotic world without role models, guidance, or a sense of the sacred masculine.

Exploring how to reconnect with the archetypal male ideal and develop the different sides of your being, author Angel Millar offers a journey of self-development to help cultivate yourself as a whole, mentally, physically, and spiritually. He examines some of the problems facing men in the world today—lack of strong friendships, distracting technology, constant criticism—and shares practices to develop yourself in the face of these problems. He shares techniques for enhancing your focus, overcoming fear, integrating your shadow, developing inner silence, and creating a self-image more appropriate to who you are and aspire to be. He also explores the importance of relaxing tension in your body to help you break free from pattern-induced behavior and self-defeating thoughts embedded through muscle memory.

Examining influential figures both contemporary and historical like Steve Jobs and Swami Vivekananda, powerful myths from East and West such as the tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, warrior and brotherhood traditions, as well as literature and fine art, this guide will help you discover your inner sacred masculine, a better understanding of the world and your place in it, and ultimately how to become a confident, strong, and dynamic contemporary Higher Man and a leader in your own life.