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heartbeat of trees

Heartbeat of Trees

Embracing Our Ancient Bond with Forests and Nature
$32.95 CAD
Hardcover Book
Publisher: Greystone Books
Publication Date: July, 2021
ISBN: 9781771646895
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New from the bestselling author of The Hidden Life of Trees (and its follow-ups The Inner Life of Animals and The Secret Wisdom of Naturea remarkable treatise on the bond between humans and nature.

In an era of cell phone addiction and ever-expanding cities, many of us fear we’ve lost our connection to nature—but Peter Wohlleben is convinced that age-old ties linking humans to the forest remain alive and intact. Whether we observe it or not, our blood pressure stabilizes near trees, the color green calms us, and the forest sharpens our senses. Drawing on new scientific discoveries, The Heartbeat of Trees reveals the profound interactions humans can have with nature, exploring the language of the forest, the consciousness of plants, and the eroding boundary between flora and fauna. Wohlleben shares how to see, feel, smell, hear, and even taste your journey into the woods. Above all, he reveals a wondrous cosmos where humans are a part of nature, and where conservation is not just about saving trees—it’s about saving ourselves, too.

“Human beings are desperate to not feel alone in the universe. We are not. We are surrounded by an ongoing conversation that we can sense, if, as Peter Wohlleben so movingly prescribes, we listen to the heartbeat of all life.”
— Richard Louv, author of Our Wild Calling

trusting the gold

Trusting the Gold

Uncovering Your Natural Goodness
$24.99 CAD
Hardcover Book
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: June, 2021
ISBN: 9781683647133
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Bestselling author Tara Brach offers a gem of a gift book to help us uncover and trust the innate goodness in ourselves and others. Featuring stories, teachings, prompts, and beautiful illustrations by Vicky Alvarez, Dr. Brach offers insights and practices for bringing nonjudgmental awareness, self-compassion, and connection into everyday life.

We receive so many messages from our culture meant to divide us from one another or turn us against ourselves. Yet when we stop judging, stop avoiding, stop trying to resist that which makes us afraid or ashamed, we open to our true nature—a boundless field of awareness that is innately fearless and loving. This recognition of our essential human goodness may be the most radical act of healing we can take. The gold of our true nature can never be tarnished. In the moments of remembering and trusting this basic goodness of our Being, we open to happiness, peace, and freedom.

In Trusting the Gold, Tara draws from more than four decades of experience as a meditation teacher and psychologist to share her most valuable practices for reconnecting with the beauty of our humanity—from timeless Buddhist wisdom to techniques adapted to the specific challenges of our modern age. Here you’ll explore three pathways of remembering and living from your full aliveness:
• Opening to the Truth of the present moment
• Turning toward Love in any situation
• Resting in the Freedom of our natural, radiant awareness

Even in the midst of our deepest emotional suffering, self-compassion is the pathway that will carry us home. What a joy to pause and behold our basic goodness, and to see how it shines through each of us. Seeing that secret beauty, we fall in love with all of life.

crones don't whine

Crones Don't Whine

Concentrated Wisdom for Juicy Women
$27.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Mango
Publication Date: June, 2021
ISBN: 9781642504736
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Here the author of Goddesses in Older Women unfurls her playful wit and keen insight to offer women thirteen qualities to cultivate: small practices to cultivate that will help us be happier humans, doing our bit to improve the world.

“These qualities are not cultivated overnight,” Bolen writes. Crone years are “growing” years, when women can devote their time, energy, and creativity to what really matters to them. Bolen offers us a blueprint: Crones don’t whine; they’re juicy and they trust their own instincts. They have green thumbs and trust what they know in their bones. They meditate in their fashion, and they don’t grovel. They choose the path with heart, and are fierce about what matters to them. They speak the truth, with compassion. They improvise and laugh together. They listen to their bodies, reinvent themselves, and savor the good in their lives.

A lifetime is the material that each of us has to work with. Until this span is over, we are all still in process, in the midst of an unfinished story. What we do with our lives is our magnum opus, or great work of personal creativity… Aging well is a goal worth wanting.

Thirteen brief essays help crones—we need them and need to be them—stop whining, cause a ruckus, and be the vibrant, wise, and passionate leaders the world needs now. She provides an inspirational, call-to-arms essay called “Crones Together Can Change the World,” and offers her personal musings—with a rallying call to men to become crones as well.

“Cronedom is a territory we are only now learning how to inhabit. Jean Bolen’s call to crones provides an enticing rite of passage.” —Marion Woodman, author of Bone: Dying into Life

Also by Jean Bolen are Goddesses in Every Woman and The Millionth Circle.


seasons of the sacred

Seasons of the Sacred

Reconnecting to the Wisdom within Nature and the Soul
$19.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: The Golden Sufi Center
Publication Date: May, 2021
ISBN: 9781941394465
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In this timely third book in his Spiritual Ecology series, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee continues his exploration of the many facets of interconnection between humanity and the Earth. Likening Spring to falling in love, Summer with abundance and spiritual awakening, and Autumn with fruition and wisdom, the book continuously reflects the profound resonance of humanity within nature. The illustrations are beautiful and resonate deeply with the text. And each season's section includes a few well-chosen poems—from T.S. Eliot, Ryokan, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Gregory of Nyssa, e.e. cummings, etc.

What does it mean to live in the Winter of our world, at the end of an era? How can the patterns of nature and the cycles of the soul help us to connect with the teaching within this present moment, to see what life and the Earth are telling us? Only from this understanding can we gain access to the tools, the spiritual and moral values, that can help the Earth and humanity in this darkening season, and then in the transition from Winter to Spring, to what is waiting to be born.

Never more relevant than now, the chapter on Winter points the reader to what is most essential even as the temporal is stripped away like autumn leaves, providing some assurance that there is meaning and even peace amidst the most devastating losses. As with other books in this series, Vaughan-Lee places the human story within the story of the Earth helping the reader to rediscover their place within the wider context of our common home and its sacred nature.

The work of spiritual ecology is to reconnect with the sacred, so that we can return to a way of life that is in balance with the Earth. This little book weaves poems, images, and stories of the soul together with the greater story of the spiritual nature of the Earth, so that we can rejoin "the great conversation" with the rivers and the forests and the winds and the stars.

The earlier books in this series are Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth and Spiritual Ecology: 10 Practices to Awaken the Sacred in Everyday Life.




Life at the Crossroads of Science, Nature, and Spirit
$34.00 CAD
Hardcover Book
Publisher: Little, Brown
Publication Date: May, 2021
ISBN: 9780316426480
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In Rooted, cutting-edge science supports a truth that poets, artists, mystics, and earth-based cultures across the world have known in their bones over millennia: life on this planet is radically interconnected. Our bodies, thoughts, minds, and spirits are affected by the whole of nature, and they affect this whole in return. In this time of crisis, how can we best live upon our imperiled, beloved earth?

Award-winning writer Lyanda Lynn Haupt's highly personal new book is a brilliant invitation to live with the earth in both simple and profound ways—from walking barefoot in the woods and reimagining our relationship with animals and trees, to examining the very language we use to describe and think about nature. She invokes rootedness as a way of being in concert with the wilderness—and wildness—that sustains humans and all of life.

The rooted pathways offered here are not meant as a definitive list but as waymarkers and fortification for all of us seeking our unique, bewildering, awkward way through the essential question of how to live on our broken, imperiled, beloved earth... Rooted lives are radically intertwined with the vitality of the planet. In a time that evokes fear and paralysis, rooted ways of being-within-nature assure us that we are grounded in the natural world... It is an awareness that makes us tingle with its responsibility, its beauty, its poetry. It makes our lives our most foundational form of activism. It means everything we do matters, and matters wondrously.

In the tradition of Rachel Carson, Elizabeth Kolbert, and Mary Oliver, Haupt writes with urgency and grace, reminding us that at the crossroads of science, nature, and spirit we find true hope. Each chapter provides tools for bringing our unique gifts to the fore and transforming our sense of belonging within the magic and wonder of the natural world.

In my own experience nothing leads more swiftly or thoroughly to a deepened sense of wholeness, an apprehension of interflow with all of life, and a clarity about the work I am called to bring to this moment on earth than periods of extended solitude.

“With her deep intuition and expansive attention as our guides, Lyanda Haupt’s gorgeous words create a path to the place where science and spirit meet. It’s a barefoot path that wanders through solitudes and into community with frogs, moose, orca, and our own wildness.”—Robin Wall Kimmerer, author of Braiding Sweetgrass

“An elegant tapestry of poetry and science, of personal narrative and communal prophesy, this beautifully written book is drenched in wonder.  It is a celebration of interconnectedness and belonging, a wild sacrament, a love song to life.” —Mirabai Starr, author of Caravan of No Despair and Wild Mercy



Attending to Body and Earth in Distress
$27.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: University Of Minnesota Press
Publication Date: May, 2021
ISBN: 9781517910976
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The body of the earth, beset by a climate in crisis, experiences drought much like the human body experiences thirst, as Ranae Lenor Hanson's body did as a warning sign of the disease that would change her life: Type 1 diabetes. What if we tended to an ailing ecosystem just as Hanson learned to care for herself in the throes of a chronic medical condition. This is the possibility explored in a work that is at once a memoir of illness and health, a contemplation of the surrounding natural world in distress, and a reflection on the ways these come together in personal, local, and global opportunities for healing.

Beginning with memories from a childhood nurtured among the waters of Minnesota, Watershed follows the streams and tributaries that connect us to our world and to each other, as revealed in the life stories of Hanson's students, Minnesotans driven from their faraway homelands by climate disruption. The book's currents carry us to threatened mangrove swamps in Saudi Arabia, to drought-stricken Ethiopia, to rocks bearing ancient messages above crooked rivers in northern Minnesota, to a diabetic crisis in an ICU bed at a St. Paul hospital. With the benefit of gentle insight and a broad worldview, Hanson encourages us at every turn to find our own way, to discover how the health of our bodies and the health of the world they inhabit are inextricably linked and how attending, and tending, to their shared distress can lead to a genuine, grounded wellbeing.

When, in the grip of a global pandemic, humans drastically change their behavior to preserve human life, we also see how the earth breathes more freely as a result. In light of that lesson, Watershed helps us to consider our place and our part in the health and healing of the world around us.

"In a direct and often wise voice, through a series of moving, revealing, and entertaining stories, Watershed makes clear the connection between climate change and our own bodies... This book presents us with a paradoxical gift, the idea that we can make use of the aches and pains and illnesses plaguing so many of us to wake up and act in common cause with the earth." —Susan Griffin, author of Woman and Nature

"A deep, rich, profoundly personal, and powerful exploration of how we are inseparable from the water that surrounds us, that flows through, around, and beneath our lives. It’s a book that connects us to where we stand, to the place, the watershed, the webs of love, water, family, and nature that hold us throughout our lives. Its roots run deep, its implications even deeper, and it brings many rich gifts for these extraordinary times." —Rob Hopkins, founder, Transition Movement

finding the mother tree

Finding the Mother Tree

Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest
$34.95 CAD
Hardcover Book
Publisher: Penguin Canada
Publication Date: May, 2021
ISBN: 9780735237759
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A world-leading expert shares her amazing story of discovering the communication that exists between trees. Dr. Suzanne Simard, professor of forest ecology at UBC, was born and raised in the rainforests of British Columbia and has forged a lifelong relationship of love and respect with the trees. This relationship was the driving force behind her decision to dedicate her life to better understanding the forest and the network that connects the plant life within.

With humour, emotion, and the narrative drive of a lifelong storyteller, Dr. Simard takes readers on an intimate journey of groundbreaking scientific discovery. Linking her research to her personal experiences, she recounts her life's work uncovering the "Wood Wide Web," the underground mycelium network that connects all the trees and plants within a forest. It is a network that allows them to share not only nutrients, but information, all of which originates from the hubs called Mother Trees.

The old trees nurture the young ones and provide them food and water just as we do with our own children. It is enough to make one pause, take a deep breath, and contemplate the social nature of the forest aand how this is critical for evolution... When Mother Trees—the majestic hubs at the center of forest communication, protection, and sentience—die, they pass their wisdom to their kind, generation after generation, sharin gthe knowledge of what helps and what harms, who is friend or foe, and how to adapt and survive in an ever-changing landscape. It's what all parents do.


How is it possible for them to send warning signals, recognition messages, and safety dispatches as rapidly as telephone calls? How do they help one another through distress and sickness? Why do they have human-like behaviors, and why do they work like civil societies? After a lifetime as a forest detective, my perception of the woods has been turned upside down. With each new revelation, I am more deeply embedded in the forest. The scientific evidence is impossible to ignore: the forest is wired for wisdom, sentience, and healing.


This is not a book about how we can save the trees.
This is a book about how the trees might save us.

Readers will journey with Dr. Simard into this massive experiment, from dramatic encounters with wildlife to the groundbreaking "Aha" moments in a lab, from learning how to utilize this network to promote plant growth to what this network can teach us about combatting climate change. Dramatic, funny, touching, and evocative, Finding the Mother Tree offers an intimate and personal look at discovery.

“I can't think of a book on nature and science that I am more eagerly looking forward to reading. Suzanne Simard is a pioneer on the frontier of plant communication and intelligence, and this book promises to change our understanding about what is really going on when a tree falls in the forest, and other pressing mysteries about the natural world.” —Michael Pollan, author of How to Change Your Mind

“Suzanne Simard’s Finding the Mother Tree carries the stories of trees, fungi, soil and bears—and of a human being listening in on the conversation. The interplay of personal narrative, scientific insights, and the amazing revelations about the life of the forest make a compelling story... I have great admiration for her science and her storytelling alike. These are stories that the world needs to hear.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer, author of Braiding Sweetgrass

wisdom codes

Wisdom Codes

Ancient Words to Rewire Our Brains and Heal Our Hearts
$22.99 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Hay House
Publication Date: May, 2021
ISBN: 9781401949648
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New in paperback: the author of The God Code combines science and spiritual wisdom to reveal powerful words that can support us in times of trouble. When life brings danger, doubt, hurt, or loss to our doorstep, there are words we turn to again and again for reassurance, protection, and healing. In The Wisdom Codes, Gregg Braden delves into the world's timeless texts to analyze these powerful words and show exactly how and why they sustain us in times of need.

New discoveries in biology and the neurosciences are revealing how the structure of language--the words we think and speak--can actually change the way the neurons in our brains and hearts connect. But as Braden explains, our ancestors already understood this connection, intuitively, thousands of years ago. They created specific word-patterns to provide comfort, healing, strength, and inner power in difficult times, and they encoded these powerful words in prayers, chants, mantras, hymns, and sacred writings to preserve them for future generations. This elegant, practical guidebook cracks the code and puts the words in your hands.

Perfect as a pocket guide, a reference for spiritual study, or a gift to someone you love, this elegant, compact book contains Wisdom Codes that cut to the core of life's greatest tests, most challenging demands, and hardest lessons. You'll find chapters devoted to healing from loss and grief, facing your unspoken fears, finding certainty in the face of uncertain choices, and finding forgiveness, as well as ancient parables that offer a "fast track" to unraveling life's deepest mysteries.

Each Wisdom Code—distilled from a quote, a scripture passage, or a parable—is accompanied by a brief discussion of what the code means, why it's important, and how to apply it in your life. And even if you've been hearing, reading, or praying these words all your life, you'll get a whole new understanding of the ways they can change your mind and heart.

soul therapy

Soul Therapy

The Art and Craft of Caring Conversations
$35.99 CAD
Hardcover Book
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: May, 2021
ISBN: 9780063071438
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Thomas Moore, author of the classic The Care of the Soul now gathers his decades of therapy, inner work, and study of Jungisn psychology to address the needs of those providing soul care to others—therapists, psychiatrists, ministers, spiritual directors, teachers, and even friends—sharing his insights for incorporating a spiritual or soulful dimension into their work and practices.

Soul Therapy is the culmination of Thomas Moore's work. In his previous books, he explored the soul in important areas of our liveswork, sex, marriage, family, religion, and aging. In this wise guide, he now returns to his core vocation: teaching practitioners—therapists, psychiatrists, ministers, spiritual directors, and others—how to offer soul care to those they assist.

A training manual infused with a lifetime's worth of wisdom, Soul Therapy is divided into five sections:

  1. What therapy or soul care is and how it works;
  2. What soul work is required of the helper to be able to address the needs of others;
  3. How to access and move forward the spiritual dimension;
  4. How to apply this work to specific areas, such as work, marriage, parenting, or teaching;
  5. How to deal with other issues that arise, such as developing a therapeutic style, dealing with ones shadow, and the need for self-care.

Profound and practical, enlightened and grounded in real-world experience, Soul Therapy will become a definitive resource for caregivers, practitioners, and "soul friends."

A good friend is willing to be the therapist of the moment, not a professional but a thoughtful human being who has something to give. Now that you know you can be a lay therapist for your family members and associates, you can spread your wings and be a therapist for a needy world. Do anything you can imagine to contribute to the emotional health of the planet. All our troubles in nations and across the globe are psyche trying to find love and beauty. Few understand this, but maybe you do because of your experience with your friends. Bring that knowledge to our world and be a therapist who goes far beyond the professionals in your care for the soul of the world. (from the final chapter, "The Therapist in Everyone")

“Moore has done a great service by reinterpreting soul therapy as deep friendship —- not only with others but also with the world. The genius of what he has done consists not only of revisioning therapy but revisioning friendship as well.” Robert Sardello, Director of The School of Integral Spiritual Psychology

"A profound book by a spiritual master, designed to help us care for others. Whether you're a professional therapist or simply a friend wanting to help, Soul Therapy will give you practical and proven advice on how to provide soul care. I've always hoped to find a book like this."James Martin, SJ, author of Learning to Pray


sand talk

Sand Talk

How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World
$21.00 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: May, 2021
ISBN: 9780062975621
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This paradigm-shifting book in the vein of Sapiens brings a crucial Indigenous perspective to historical and cultural issues of history, education, money, power, and sustainability—and offers a new template for living. As an indigenous person, Tyson Yunkaporta looks at global systems from a unique perspective, one tied to the natural and spiritual world. In considering how contemporary life diverges from the pattern of creation, he raises important questions. How does this affect us? How can we do things differently?

In this thoughtful, culturally rich, mind-expanding book, he provides answers. Yunkaporta's writing process begins with images. Honoring indigenous traditions, he makes carvings of what he wants to say, channeling his thoughts through symbols and diagrams rather than words. He yarns with people, looking for ways to connect images and stories with place and relationship to create a coherent world view, and he uses sand talk, the Aboriginal custom of drawing images on the ground to convey knowledge. Sand Talk includes 22 black-and-white illustrations that add depth to the text.

Respect, Connect, Reflect, Direct—in that order. Everything in creation is sentient and carries knowledge, therefore everything is deserving of our respect... Guilt is like any other energy: you can't accumulate it or keep it because it makes you sick and disrupts the system you live in—you have to let it go. Face the truth, make amends, and let it go.

In Sand Talk, he provides a new model for our everyday lives. Rich in ideas and inspiration, it explains how lines and symbols and shapes can help us make sense of the world. Its about how we learn and how we remember. Its about talking to everyone and listening carefully. Its about finding different ways to look at things. Most of all its about a very special way of thinking, of learning to see from a native perspective, one that is spiritually and physically tied to the earth around us, and how it can save our world.

An astonishing revelation of ancient Aboriginal wisdom as it applies to science and modern times. It’s one of the best books I ever read, and I’ve been reading books for 80 years. There’s nothing like it. It leaves you gasping. If you care about yourself, the world around you, and where you come from, you’d better read it. You won’t put it down.”Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, author of  Growing Old