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spiritual transmission

Spiritual Transmission

Paradoxes and Dilemmas on the Spiritual Path
$25.50 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Monkfish Book Publishing
Publication Date: November, 2018
ISBN: 9781939681959
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The term “spiritual transmission” refers to the passing of the state of enlightenment from teacher to student, which takes place in many spiritual traditions. In itself, the transmission is synonymous with the experience of enlightenment. But the fact that the student’s experience is rooted in a relationship with a human teacher who is perceived to possess absolute knowledge lends the experience much of its intrinsic, yet hidden, nature

Spurred by the breakup of his 21 year-long relationship with his own spiritual teacher, Amir Freimann sought answers to the most pressing questions regarding the spiritual teacher-student relationship. He logged over 1,000 hours of interviews with students and teachers alike in an effort to better understand what these powerful relationships are all about. The best of these interviews were compiled and edited in this volume. He discovered that the central questions devolved around paradoxes and dualities such as the differences and similarities between therapists and gurus; the role of trust vs rationality in the spiritual quest; and how money, power and sex are dealt with the course of a student’s training.

Spiritual Transmission includes never-before-published dialogues with many prominent spiritual teachers, plus a revelatory afterword by renowned integral theorist Ken Wilber.

How we interpret that Waking Up depends almost entirely on our stage of Growing Up…. What all of this means is that if a person goes to a guru and begins study, that guru might be quite Enlightened or have had a profound Waking Up, but at the same time they might also be at virtually any stage of Growing Up. The profound problem here is that, if the guru is believed to “never be wrong,” and yet they are operating from a low level of Growing Up, the students are going to be forced to accept for ultimate reality items that are in fact deep pathologies. —Ken Wilber

Interviewees in this book include Peter (Hakim) Young, Andrew Cohen, Stephen Fulder, Christopher Titmuss, James Finley, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri, Saniel Bonder, Mariana Caplan, Mooji, Lakshmi, Barry Magid, Claire Slemmer, James Swartz, Diane Hamilton, Bill Epperly, Aliya Haeri, Thomas Steininger, Peter Campton, Carolyn Lee, Terry Patten, Steve Brett and Mary Adams.

The guru is representing a status that your own True Self fully possesses, and you will see the guru as specially possessing this status only until you realize your own, whereupon the guru returns to his or her actual status: an acknowledged honor of being one who has realized the ultimate Reality of their own being, which is a Reality possessed by all beings but realized by few—and that in itself deserves enormous respect, exactly the same amount your own realization of this Reality deserves. —Ken Wilber, from the afterword

way of grace

Way of Grace

The Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation
$20.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: November, 2018
ISBN: 9781683641308
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Many of us struggle to truly live what we believe spiritually. What if closing that gap wasn’t about trying harder, but something quite the opposite?

Through the practice of ego relaxation we can stop trying to beat ourselves into spiritual shape and yield instead to an unshakable presence within.

The Way of Grace is an invitation to let go of the need for control, release our fears, and learn to be open and undefended with what is. Using teaching stories, guided meditation, self-inquiry practices, prayer, and more, Miranda Macpherson takes us step by step through the liberating process of undoing our fixed egoic patterns as we explore the four dimensions of Grace: Relaxing into the Ground of Grace, Receiving the Blessings of Grace, The Transforming Power of Grace, and Living Gracefully in the World. The Way of Grace is a journey to the heart of spiritual surrender to unfold the essential qualities of our true nature—joy, peace, wisdom, and boundless love.

Miranda Macpherson leads the Awakening Love and Wisdom Sangha in San Francisco.

bringing your shadow out of the dark

Bringing Your Shadow Out of the Dark

Breaking Free from the Hidden Forces That Drive You
$20.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: October, 2018
ISBN: 9781683641513
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Our shadow is the part of ourselves that holds the feelings, beliefs, and behavioral patterns that we are most ashamed of or that we cannot accept about ourselves. And the degree to which we’re unconscious of our shadow is the degree to which it influences and controls us.

Rooted in Robert Augustus Masters's decades of reflection and experience as a therapist and psycho-spiritual guide, this definitive offering helps us to understand and skillfully work with the rich yet neglected shadow dimensions of who we are. With depth and clarity, Masters illuminates the process of welcoming our shadow elements in a safe way—to catalyze a more complete and healthy experience of who we are.

This powerful book is in four sections:

Meeting Our Shadow: our conditioning, fear, sense of danger, anger, shame, grief, narcissism, addiction, sexuality, spirituality, fear of death, resistance, honesty, choice, evil, the shadow of shadow work

Working with Our Shadow: shadow work in practice, strengthening the foundation for shadow work, inner child work, dethroning our inner critic, self-sabotage uncovered, and dreams: private shadow theatre

 Pain and How to Work with It: becoming more intimate with our pain, turning toward, naming, and entering our pain; emerging from our pain

 Exploring Shared Shadow: generational trauma and collective PTSD in our shadow, collective shadow unveiled.

This exploration becomes a portal to an experiential knowingness and deepening that affects the very foundation of our being. As daunting as this might sound, and as much courage as it may require, the rewards it offers are immense.

What are some of the benefits of bringing our shadow out of the dark?

  • Far more freedom from our conditioning (our ingrained programming)…
  • A strongly enhanced capacity for intimacy and healthy relationship…
  • A fuller, more grounded and awakened sense of wholeness…
  • The ability to make much better use of difficult conditions…
  • More vitality…
  • A deepened capacity for skillful activism.

Among Masters’ other titles are Spiritual Bypassing and Emotional Intimacy, and the audio workshop Knowing Your Shadow: Becoming Intimate with All That You Are.

pause, breathe, smile

Pause, Breathe, Smile

Awakening Mindfulness When Meditation Is Not Enough
By: Gary Gach
$19.50 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: September, 2018
ISBN: 9781683641759
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Pause… breathe… smile. Three small words, yet each contains a universe of wisdom. With Pause, Breathe, Smile, Gary Gach (lay-ordained by Thich Nhat Hanh) invites us to bring the practice of mindfulness into every moment of our lives.

Writing freshly and directly for students of all levels, Gach draws on 50-plus years of study and practice in this elegant and accessible presentation of three central aspects of mindful living. The Pause is about setting our intention before we think, speak, or act—the ethical dimension of mindfulness. When we Breathe we unite mind, body, and spirit, making every moment an opportunity for meditation. With a Smile, we open to a wisdom beyond words. This simple process will water your innate seeds of awakening, to help you pave your own path to total fulfillment and peace.

As with a cookbook, this book is not meant to be just read, it’s to be performed, tried out, played with. If you’re relatively new to mindfulness, here are various recipes for a nourishing, wholesome diet. If you’ve already danced with it a bit, this simple handbook offers a comprehensive view, as a top-level reference, with a few possible additions to  your repertoire. And old hands might enjoy seeing already familiar basics in possible new ways…

My inmost wish is for these words to water your own, innate seeds of awakening.

For all who may wish to explore mindfulness in their lives as a healing and transformative practice, remember three little words: Pause, Breathe, Smile.

As mindfulness continues to evolve in the West, I hope this simple, threefold approach to its complete scope might help deepen and extend its meaning and potential. It is my experience that anyone can engage it in their lives as a healing and transformative practice, as they wish.

Also by Gary Gach is The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Buddhism.

mind at home with itself

Mind at Home with Itself

How Asking Four Questions Can Free Your Mind, Open Your Heart, and Turn Your World Around
$21.00 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: September, 2018
ISBN: 9780062651594
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In A Mind at Home with Itself, Byron Katie illuminates one of the most profound Buddhist texts, The Diamond Sutra (newly translated in these pages by Stephen Mitchell) to reveal the nature of the mind and to liberate us from painful thoughts, using her revolutionary system of self-inquiry called The Work.

Katie doesn’t merely describe the awakened mind; she empowers us to see it and feel it, in action. Startlingly fresh, A Mind at Home with Itself offers us a transformative new perspective on life and death. As she says,

If you find internal work exciting, you’ll look forward to the worst that can happen, because you won’t find a problem that can’t be solved from the inside.

In the midst of a normal American life, Byron Katie became increasingly depressed and over a ten-year period sank further into despair and suicidal thoughts. Then one morning in 1986 she woke up in a state of absolute joy, filled with the realization of how her own suffering had ended. The freedom of that realization has never left her. Its direct result, The Work, has helped millions of people all over the world to question their stressful thoughts and set themselves free from suffering.

You can’t have anything. You can’t have any truth. Inquiry takes all that away…

The Work wakes us up to reality. When we take it on as a practice, it leaves us as flawless, innocent, a figment of pure imagination. Practicing inquiry takes us to the Buddha-mind, where everything, without exception, is realized as good. It leads to total freedom. Why would you want to experience a problem and pretend it isn’t there—to skip over it and find just some tiny place inside you that’s free? Don’t you want to find freedom with every breath? Nothing exists but the concept in the moment. Let’s meet that now with understanding.

“A truly illuminating and lively hookup of revered ancient Zen Diamond Sutra teachings and a wild and clear-eyed modern sage. It will help you to question deeply, inspire your spirit, and awaken your understanding.” Jack Kornfield

“I think Byron Katie is just a real thing. I love her to death. She’s pure and her intent is only to serve and she brings people back to reality so quickly.” Tony Robbins

Among Byron Katie’s other books are Loving What Is and I Need Your Love—Is That True?



The Science and Practice of Presence--the Groundbreaking Meditation Practice
$37.00 CAD
Hardcover Book
Publisher: TarcherPerigee
Publication Date: August, 2018
ISBN: 9781101993040
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Aware, from prolific author and psychiatrist Daniel Siegel, provides practical instruction for mastering the Wheel of Awareness, a life-changing tool for cultivating more focus, presence, and peace in one's day-to-day life.

An in-depth look at the science that underlies meditation's effectiveness, this book teaches readers how to harness the power of the principle “Where attention goes, neural firing flows, and neural connection grows.” Siegel reveals how developing a Wheel of Awareness practice to focus attention, open awareness, and cultivate kind intention can literally help you grow a healthier brain and reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in your life.

Whether you have no experience with a reflective practice or are an experienced practitioner, Aware is a hands-on guide that will enable you to become more focused and present, as well as more energized and emotionally resilient in the face of stress and the everyday challenges life throws your way.

This brilliant summary of the new sciences of the mind is fascinating, sometimes jaw-dropping, and always wonderfully useful. As Ruby Wax, author of Sane New World says, “For me almost every line is an ‘aha’ moment. At long last, someone nails what it is to have a healthy mind, and if you don’t have one, how to get one.”

“An illuminating new view of the nature of the mind and the practices of awareness that lead us to profound wellbeing. Siegel's Wheel of Awareness is an elegant and groundbreaking synthesis of these practices, an accessible tool for inner integration and healing, as well as for realizing the loving awareness that links us to all beings. This brilliant book is poised to transform countless lives.” Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance

“Dan is a brilliant integrator and Aware is a visionary blend of neuroscience, physics, and cutting-edge psychology combined with creative approaches to mindfulness and compassion. The practice of the Wheel brings together many skillful and wise elements of meditation, all rolled into one.” Jack Kornfield, author of The Wise Heart

 Among Daniel Siegel’s other books are Mindsight, Mind, and The Yes Brain.

science of enlightenment

Science of Enlightenment

How Meditation Works
$20.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: August, 2018
ISBN: 9781683642121
In stock now: 5

“Enlightenment”—is it a myth or is it real? In every spiritual tradition, inner explorers have discovered that the liberated state is in fact a natural experience, as real as the sensations you are having right now—and that through the investigation of your own thoughts, feelings, and perceptions you can awaken to clear insight and a happiness independent of conditions.

 In The Science of Enlightenment, Shinzen Young brings to readers an uncommonly lucid guide to mindfulness meditation for the first time: how it works and how to use it to enhance your smarts, your kindness and connection with the world, and the richness of all your experiences.

This unique text, adapted from his talks, is probably most relevant to those who have at least some level of ongoing practice and meditative insight.

As thousands of his students and listeners will confirm, Shinzen is like no other teacher you’ve ever encountered. He merges scientific clarity, a rare grasp of source-language teachings East and West, and a gift for sparking insight through unexpected analogies, illustrations, humor, and firsthand accounts that reveal the inner journey to be as wondrous as any geographical expedition. Join him here to explore: 

Universal insights spanning Buddhism, Christian and Jewish mysticism, shamanism, the yogas of India, and many other paths

How to begin and navigate your own meditation practice

Concentration, clarity, and equanimity—the core catalysts of awakening

Impermanence—its many aspects and how to work with them

Experiencing the “wave” and “particle” natures of self

Purification and clarification—how we digest mental blockages and habits through inner work

Emerging neuroscience research, the future of enlightenment, and much more 

For meditators of all levels and beliefs—especially those who think they’ve heard it all—this many-faceted gem will be sure to surprise, provoke, illuminate, and inspire.

Shinzen the hard-nosed researcher and Shinzen the poetic dharma teacher get along just fine. After all, they’re both just waves. Particles may bang together. Waves automatically integrate.

awakened relating

Awakened Relating

A Guide to Embodying Undivided Love in Intimate Relationships
$22.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: New Harbinger
Publication Date: July, 2018
ISBN: 9781684031016
In stock now: 3

Our natural state is to love and be loved. From deep within, were compelled to seek connection. Yet relationships remain a struggle—even for the most spiritually enlightened among us. Traumatic experiences, insecure attachment, and especially the false but commonly held belief that we are separate, both from each other and from the love we seek, can cause endless problems in relationships. As long as our connections are built on this untruth, lasting love and harmony in relationship will elude us. Awakened Relating can help.

Written by a licensed therapist and pioneer in bringing the most direct teachings of non-duality into the practice of psychotherapy, this book offers practical guidance for improving relationships through awakened relating—a more enlightened experience of falling in love, communication, conflict resolution, and sexuality. With examples, guidelines, and experiential inquiries for realizing your true nature, this book will dispel common myths and mistaken beliefs about intimacy and help you cultivate a loving relationship with yourself and others.

Awakened relating is about sharing and celebrating real Love together, rather than trying to get it from each other. Once we know we are what we seek, it is possible to relate from a place of freedom, harmony, and acceptance, rather than from lack, grasping, and attachment. As we move into awakened relating, we enter the timeless freedom that perfect Love offers.

Including inspirational stories of people who practice awakened relating in their own lives—including Adyashanti and Mukti, and Rupert Spira and Ellen Emmet— this book will show readers how to identify, transform, and resolve the deep psychological issues that prevent them from having the harmonious, loving relationships they seek.

It is most helpful to relax your mind and open your heart to allow a felt-sense of what is being read to emerge… To the best of your ability, allow your experience of this book to be a contemplation or a meditation, rather than an intellectual study.

“Full of wisdom as well as practical guidance about how to bring spiritual illumination into the very heart of our humanness.” —John Welwood, author of Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships and Journey of the Heart

gurdjieff movements

Gurdjieff Movements

A Communication of Ancient Wisdom
$33.50 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Hohm Press
Publication Date: June, 2018
ISBN: 9781942493341
In stock now: 2

Scores of books exist about the life and teachings of the Russian spiritual visionary G.I. Gurdjieff (~1866-1949), yet few devote significant coverage to “the Gurdjieff Movements.” These several-hundred precise and mostly asymmetrical gestures, arranged into detailed choreographies for groups of practitioners, were designed by Gurdjieff himself. This new book reconsiders the eminent role of the Movements, revealing them as a vital yet often-neglected component in the transmission of Gurdjieff’s legacy.

Van Dullemen, whose first Movements’ teacher received her instruction from Gurdjieff himself, is in a unique position to offer background, theory and first-hand experience about this subject. He is a professional musician and a long-time practitioner of the Gurdjieff work who trained in these Movements and served as a master accompanist for the practice for over thirty years.

“No book can teach the Movements,” the author clearly asserts. And, he makes no such attempt here. Far from an instruction manual, The Gurdjieff Movements, A Communication of Ancient Wisdom offers invaluable insight into and greater understanding of the whys and wherefores of this fourth arm of the vast teaching that comprises Gurdjieff’s complete communication: his books, his oral teachings, his music and finally his Movements. 

Along with fascinating stories of his own journey of discovery, van Dullemen has skillfully integrated:

  • autobiographical descriptions of the master Gurdjieff
  • interviews with direct pupils of Gurdjieff
  • diligent research within a wide range of firsthand sources
  • descriptions of the scientific, cultural and social climate during Gurdjieff’s time, and the relationship between these and his teaching.

The book is also a rare accomplishment. While highly authoritative, it is nonetheless written in a direct style with clear language, making it accessible to the public at large who may have interest, but little background, in this esoteric science and practice. 

A DVD with a 7-page companion boolet is available from:

cultivating spiritual maturity

Cultivating Spiritual Maturity

The Courage to Practice
$23.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Hohm Press
Publication Date: June, 2018
ISBN: 9781942493358
In stock now: 4

The message of this book is that spiritual practice is not a weekend hobby or an activity for adolescent seekers (of any age). Instead, Lalitha makes a case for mature spirituality, which evolves from a serious commitment to the Path, and assumes dignity, integrity and personal responsibility for one’s life choices. She proposes a series of “questions that matter”… including:

  • What Path Are You Really On?
  • What Are You Seriously Committed to?
  • What Do You Call Love?
  • Are You on Your Deathbed?

“The playing field of spiritual maturity can never be separate from one’s everyday life—one’s work, relationships, art, physical limits, suffering, aging and dying”—Lalitha affirms. And, “it will always reflect a sacred regard for the highest principles (one’s aim), along with gratitude for what is, and kindness, generosity and compassion toward others.”

The important question which must arise with any spiritual teaching is this: Can I use this right now to help me find my way out of hell? If not, it is of no practical use. Lalitha’s teaching sets my foot at once in the right direction on the path which leads out of hell. I must walk the path, but she provides a most useful and practical map of the territory. —from the foreword by Red Hawk, author, Self Remembering

“A much needed book in a world where the desire for instant gratification and instant enlightenment seem to be the norm. Lalitha beautifully offers the reader a road map for both understanding the path one is on, as well as for clarifying and refining it.” – Yogacharini Maitreyi, founder of Arkaya Yoga

Do not waste any time on guilt and blame and shame. Those are ego’s tricks to keep you distracted, weak and stuck. Just clean your space… You can effect such subtle changes in your body and mind on purpose, renewing your availability to what it is you seek. This simple physical activity—cleaning a space—makes literal changes in the psychic field and the physical body, both.

Lalitha is a spiritual teacher whose ashram in BC is also a working organic farm. She knows the disciplined efforts needed to prepare a ground for planting, to nurture and maintain young shoots, to guard against predators and to harvest a mature crop. As a long-term spiritual practitioner, she has worked with students for over twenty years. She knows the risks, the sweat and the fruits of the spiritual path. Full of practical help, her book cites dozens of examples relative to spiritual authority, doubt and confusion, a life of practice, and the facing and embracing of death, as well as other issues that matter! She is also author of Waking to Ordinary Life.