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when spirit leaps

When Spirit Leaps

Navigating the Process of Spiritual Awakening
$24.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: New Harbinger
Publication Date: May, 2018
ISBN: 9781684030767
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Whether it happens all at once or gradually over time, spiritual awakening is an experience that may be accompanied by great insight, ecstatic bliss, or a mystical infusion of light, love, and vision. But it can be an overwhelming experience, too, leaving “the illumined” searching for answers and understanding. Written by a transpersonal psychologist and non-dual teacher (in the lineage of Adyashanti), this book will help you understand the phenomenon of spiritual awakening.

At the heart of most spiritual traditions is the understanding that we are one with all of existence. This realization, also known as spiritual awakening or spiritual emergence, can occur spontaneously, after years of spiritual practice, or through many other portals. Yet many people are not prepared for the ramifications of such a life-altering event. When your perception of yourself and reality has been altered, you may find yourself with more questions than answers. Where can you turn?

Based on over thirty years of case studies, as well as the author’s own experiences, When Spirit Leaps explores the why and what of spiritual awakening, revealing how this phenomenon occurs across all traditions, and exploring the various ways it can happen. Including discussions on kundalini energy, meditation, yoga and qigong, breathwork, near-death experiences, and much more, this inspirational book offers companionship and practical solutions to common challenges along the spiritual path of awakening.

With this book as your guide, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the process and different portals of awakening, and find comfort and support in the real-life stories of those who have experienced this shift in consciousness and faced its challenges. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, this book will help you along the way.

Bonnie Greenwell is a wonderful guide for both the awakening of mind and of your body’s energies. Understanding energy work is an important bridge between the two worlds of infinite awareness and everyday reality, which has not been clearly described, and yet is so important for the unfolding awakening. You will find When Spirit Leaps a gift in navigating the awakening process of body, mind, and spirit.” Loch Kelly, author of Shift into Freedom

relational mindfulness

Relational Mindfulness

A Handbook for Deepening Our Connections with Ourselves, Each Other, and the Planet
$25.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Wisdom Publications
Publication Date: May, 2018
ISBN: 9781614294139
In stock now: 5

A guidebook on how to embody compassionate awareness in all of our relationships—with self, one another, and our planet—in an age of global uncertainty.

We all struggle at times with how to bring meditation off the cushion and into the beautiful, dynamic, and messy realm of relationship. At a time when humanity seems to have forgotten our inherent interrelatedness, this book offers an inspiring set of principles and practices for deepening intimacy and remembering the interconnection that is our birthright. Eden Tull interweaves heartfelt personal stories, sharing her journey from seven years as a monastic in a silent Zen Monastery to living and teaching in the megatropolis of Los Angeles and beyond, with teachings and mindful inquiry to help the reader connect personally with the principles of Relational Mindfulness.

In a voice that is transparent, vulnerable, and brave, Tull shares possibilities for integrating mindfulness: in a gentle yet powerful tone, she covers topics ranging from balance and personal sustainability to sexuality to conscious consumerism.

Relational Mindfulness is based on the simple understanding that the most subtle form of love is attention. While a revolution usually means to evolve and change, this shift is actually a return to a simple and sacred understanding we seem to have forgotten—one we can only remember when we are present.

“A blueprint to take our mindfulness practice out into every corner of our life. Skillfully weaving practical exercises, personal stories, and illuminating observations, Deborah Eden Tull shows us how we can practice everywhere: personally, relationally, socially, and ecologically. This wise and compassionate book is a wakeup call for our times.” Diana Winston, author of Fully Present: The Science Art and Practice of Mindfulness

“Eden Tull meets us where we live: in constant interaction with self, other, world. What she offers is ripened now by her engagement with the challenges of a society in crisis. Our work together has generated my great respect for her integrity, deepening my appreciation for this marvel of a book.” –Joanna Macy, author, Coming Back to Life

mindfulness cards

Mindfulness Cards

Simple Practices for Everyday Life
$23.95 CAD
Tarot + Oracle Card Set
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: April, 2018
ISBN: 9781452168364
In stock now: 4

This engaging deck offers easy reminders to bring awareness, calm, and joy to everyday life. Each card includes an inspiring phrase on the front and a bite-size mindfulness exercise on the back. Packaged in an eye-catching box with foil stamping, the cards are divided into four color-coded mindfulness categories: Rest & Balance, Insight & Awareness, Curiosity & Joy, and Kindness. Users can draw one card to form an intention for the day, or pull several for a more complex reading or to display around the home or office as inspiring mantras. Featuring more than 50 accessible and enlightening practices (plus 8 blank cards for personalization), these cards are an easy way to cultivate mindful moments—anytime and anywhere.

In the “curiosity and joy” dept. we find a card whose front says, “Where is my mind now?” On the back we find this:

The distractions of modern life pull our attention in a dozen directions, so becoming distracted and losing track of mindfulness is natural. If you find yourself overwhelmed b y distractions, asking the question, “Where is my mind now?” can be a very effective way to bring yourself back into present awareness. Try repeating this phrase to yourself when you find your attention bouncing around, and over time, you will start to learn a great deal about where you mind tends to wander when left to its own devices.

Glasgow-based Rohan Gunatillake’s Mindfulness Everywhere company offers the popular meditation app Buddhify.

at the source of being

At the Source of Being

Teachings on the Arising of the Awakened State
$39.95 CAD
Spoken Word CD
Publisher: Eckhart Teachings
Publication Date: April, 2018
ISBN: 9781988649009
In stock now: 5

If you go about your day trapped in the realm of thinking, it’s difficult if not impossible to free yourself from stress and anxiety—and the interpersonal suffering that goes along with it. But if you’re rooted in the Now, explains Eckhart Tolle, you’re already standing in a place of deep fulfillment. At the Source of Being brings you a five-part intensive retreat with Eckhart Tolle, presenting more than seven hours of in-depth guidance in the central aspects of his simple yet life-changing teaching. Recorded amidst the natural beauty of an Australian rainforest, Eckhart discusses a range of topics including:

  • How our obstacles can become an opening for spiritual growth
  • Attending to the all-pervasive aliveness that surrounds us
  • The realization of our “formless” identity
  • The only question that matters: Am I present at this moment?
  • The meaning of “saying yes to what is”—and the art of stating a “high-quality no”
  • Being the space in which things happen
  • That which cannot be threatened
  • Stillness and true relationship
  • Meeting situations with intense consciousness instead of reactivity
  • Eckhart’s personal “self-destruction” story
  • How presence transforms our experience of uncertainty
  • Eroding old habits through the practice of detachment
  • Pre-egoic thinking and the archetype of the Fool

The only true cause of upset is losing yourself in the world or in your mind. Mastery arrives when there is total attention to Being without a secondary motive.

At the Source of Being is rich with insights and inspiration for integrating your “presence practice” into every aspect of daily life.

Includes a helpful question-and-answer session with retreat participants.

immortal self

Immortal Self

A Journey to the Himalayan Valley of the Amartya Masters
$20.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: April, 2018
ISBN: 9781683641131
In stock now: 6

In the summer of 2006, Aaravindha Himadra traveled deep into the interior of the Himalayan Mountains to a secret, valley where he lived among the Amartya Masters, a highly reclusive lineage of spiritual mysticism. To answer their invitation, he endured a daunting trip across the rugged, remote mountain peaks, where he eventually came to their protected valley home, a place where our world’s most ancient spiritual truths still exist in wholeness.

Immortal Self is a riveting account of Aaravindha’s remarkable journey and his visit to this sacred land. Divulged here for the first time are the teachings of a legendary and secluded spiritual tradition—truths that transcend the illusion of our accepted reality and offer a beacon of hope for all seekers. Here is a transformative story that will invite you to challenge your preconceptions, open your heart, and receive the wisdom that your soul has always known: “When the last obstruction to the Truth of our existence falls, but one power remains—the power of Supreme Love."

“Say to them, meh priyatma, that to wake from the darkness of ignorance one must first learn to be still, then wait in silence until the great Will rouses the soul to move. Learn from the Great Mother who lives in the earth. See how Her oceans listen to the sky and then give their all to its call. See how Her flower listens to the sun and then blossoms without effort to reveal its hidden glory. She gives Herself willingly, endlessly. In silence, She waits. And when a need arises, the one Mother moves to bring fulfillment to life. Listen in this way before a word is spoken or an act is set in motion.”

Aaravindha Himadra has been a spiritual teacher since 1999. For more info, visit

boundless awareness

Boundless Awareness

A Loving Path to Spiritual Awakening and Freedom from Suffering
$22.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Non-Duality Press
Publication Date: April, 2018
ISBN: 9781684030675
In stock now: 4

Suffering is part of the human experience, and everyone in the world is seeking relief. But there is something greater, something that we all share, indeed something that we all are, that can alleviate that pain: it is the formless presence—the loving, boundless awareness—at the heart of all experience. This book cuts through the esotericism surrounding spiritual awakening to help you realize your true nature and show you how to integrate that realization into everyday life.

In life, there is turmoil and inevitable pain. There is war, hunger, failure, heartbreak, and trauma. We struggle in relationships and with our attachments, thoughts, feelings, and memories, trapped in the prison of psychological self-consciousness. Most of us have been conditioned to believe that we are all separate individuals to whom uncomfortable or upsetting things happen. We feel alone and isolated from the world, and convince ourselves that the beauty, truth, and goodness we long for are out of our reach. Really, it’s this imaginary division that causes us to suffer.

Boundless Awareness seeks to relieve this suffering by drawing attention to the beautiful, encompassing, cohesive nature of awareness itself, as found in your direct experience. Using practical, contemplative exercises and brief meditations, the author guides you along a broad path of spiritual awakening, deconstructing your delusions of self and separation and integrating a concept of existence that is free from the suffering of individual selfhood, but which acknowledges the attachments, traumatic experiences, and emotional pain of being human.

The point isn’t to adopt non-duality as a philosophy but to live free of all philosophies and conceptual molds, all of which are prisons. Once the pointers in this book have done their work, mainly of erasing the irritating and alienating sense of self-consciousness that makes you feel separate from the world, you forget them so you can live naturally, spontaneously, and integrally again as you did in childhood, but now with the depth and wisdom of a sage.

With this book, you can come to realize your innate perfection as the uncreated light of boundless awareness, and soften into the open, spacious, and unconditionally loving essence of existence. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of pain and attachments, and learn to meet these experiences with a new resilience. Most importantly, you’ll find guidance on how to embody and express this awakening as love, joy, service, and creativity in your daily life.

to be a man

To Be a Man

A Guide to True Masculine Power
$19.50 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: March, 2018
ISBN: 9781683641285
In stock now: 4

With To Be a Man, psychotherapist and spiritual teacher Robert Augustus Masters offers this new and deeply insightful guide to masculine power and fulfillment.

I've got it all—so why am I so dissatisfied with my life? Why am I never happy in my romantic relationships? How do I become more courageous and powerful without becoming that jerk everyone hates?

Masters has helped thousands of men address these issues. And for nearly all of them, he’s found that one solution is clear: we must face our early wounds and the shame that holds us back—and then “bring our head, heart, and guts into full-blooded alignment.”

To Be a Man clarifies what’s needed to enter a manhood as strongly empowered as it’s vulnerable, as emotionally literate as it’s unapologetically alive—a manhood at home with truly intimate relationship.

This is a true hero’s journey of healing and awakening, connecting the dots of past and present emotionally as well as intellectually, encountering all that we’ve been and are. Along the way, we cultivate an intimacy with everything that we are—high and low, dark and light, masculine and feminine, dying and undying—for the benefit of one and all. This is the primal odyssey pulsing in every man’s marrow, whether he embarks on it or not.

In this book, readers can explore:

  • How your past may be dominating your present
  • Shame in its healthy and unhealthy forms, and how to make wise use of it
  • How vulnerability can be a source of strength
  • Emotional literacy—an essential skill for relational well-being
  • Releasing sex from the obligation to make you feel better
  • How to disempower your inner critic
  • Bringing your shadow (whatever you’ve disowned in yourself) out of the dark
  • Embodying your natural heroism and persisting regardless of fear
  • What women need from men
  • Understanding and outgrowing pornography and other addictions
  • Entering the heartland of true masculine power.

If you’ve read your share of popular advice on relationships and being a man—but realize on a gut level that it’s going to take some serious inner work—here’s a great guide to doing it.

Among Masters’ other books are Emotional Intimacy and Spiritual Bypassing.

effortless mindfulness now

Effortless Mindfulness Now

Awakening Our Natural Capacity for Focus, Freedom, and Joy
$34.50 CAD
Spoken Word CD
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: February, 2018
ISBN: 9781683640523
In stock now: 7

Effortless mindfulness is innovative teacher Loch Kelly’s term for an advanced yet simple form of mindfulness, designed to access a natural, loving flow state in the midst of our daily lives. With Effortless Mindfulness Now, Loch helps us transition from a foundation of basic mindfulness to the skills of effortless mindfulness.

His “pointing out” instructions express a highly skillful introduction to “glimpse practices” as he calls them, which flex the muscle of aware awareness directly.

Over the course of four transformative sessions, Loch gives practical techniques to step back from thought-centered identity to live from an optimal way of being and doing. With contemporary versions of ancient meditations made newly available, Effortless Mindfulness Now offers ways to shift into natural intelligent awareness with your eyes open at work and in relationships.

Effortless awareness has been described in traditional literature as being so close it cannot be seen, so subtle it cannot be understood, and so good it cannot be believed. With Loch Kelly’s guidance, you learn how awareness can turn around and awaken to this new operating system of heart-mind, to live from a place of natural compassion, joy, and creativity.

Meditation training, study, and preliminary spiritual practices are part of the spiritual and meditation lines of development. But you can glimpse awake awareness at any time, regardless of your developmental level. You can awaken with no prior meditation training or spiritual practice. Awake awareness does not go through any developmental process. Whether it is recognized or unrecognized, awareness is always already awake. Ultimately, no ego-identified person can awaken; the one who starts the journey does not arrive. Ego-identification, as who we take ourselves to be, is what we awaken from. Awakening is when awake awareness becomes the primary dimension of our consciousness, the ground of our Being.

Loch Kelly’s book is Shift Into Freedom.

yoga & psyche

Yoga & Psyche

Integrating the Paths of Yoga and Psychology for Healing, Transformation, and Joy
$21.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: February, 2018
ISBN: 9781622036561
In stock now: 6

Has yoga improved your health and expanded your awareness, but emotional and relationship issues continue to challenge you? Have you found psychotherapy helpful, yet yearn for further spiritual discovery?

With Yoga & Psyche, Mariana Caplan explores how these domains of transformation complement each other, laying the groundwork for a new merging of the two.

Even among the most dedicated of followers, neither yoga nor psychology alone offers a complete approach to integrated psychological and spiritual transformation. As Mariana explains, yoga by itself “does not heal relational wounds, increase self-esteem, enhance communication, reveal or change self-destructive patterns, or end addictions.” While Western psychology does address these problems, by itself psychology “can’t offer the contentment, joy, and life-altering experiences that yoga and other spiritual practices can.” It’s easy to see how either path alone can lack something crucial, and how both—when integrated—can generate something remarkable, fresh, and uncommonly beneficial…. She also elucidates how yoga and psychology can be informed by the related fields of somatics, neuroscience, and trauma studies, and she does so with an accessible voice that offers hands-on practices. —Don Hanlon Johnson, from his foreword

Through original research, clinical findings, Caplan's own experiences, and actual practices, Yoga & Psyche takes us on an in-depth exploration of this emerging new terrain.

From approximately two hundred studies, we developed the following propositions:

1. The Western psychologist can benefit from insights, practices, and research on yoga.

2. The Western practitioner of yoga can benefit by integrating the larger yogic perspective of breathwork and meditation, as well as somatic psychology, neuroscience, trauma research, mindfulness, and other developments in Western psychology.

3. The long-term integration of these two fields offers the practitioner the possibility of becoming fully embodied — for the consciousness and intelligence that are ordinarily associated with the mind to become awakened throughout the whole body.

4. There is a new field emerging in which a variety of methods that integrate yoga and psychology can be created, researched, and implemented.

Among the other books by Mariana Caplan are Eyes Wide Open and The Guru Question.

strength in stillness

Strength in Stillness

The Power of Transcendental Meditation
By: Bob Roth
$29.99 CAD
Hardcover Book
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: February, 2018
ISBN: 9781501161216
In stock now: 6

Every day, we face a growing epidemic of stress, one that is damaging our physical and emotional health at younger and younger ages. Billionaire CEOs, moms managing households, college students, people of every race, age, and income all make the same confession: I am so stressed. It is literally killing us. While there is no one single cure, there is a simple practice that dramatically changes how we respond to stress and life's challenges: the Transcendental Meditation technique. With scientifically proven benefits—improved focus, sleep, resilience, creativity, and memory to name a few—this five-thousand-year-old technique has a clear and direct impact on our very modern problems.

Each time you meditate, even if you mind is filled with a million thoughts, you do settle down toward levels of the mind that are deeper, quieter, more satisfying. And when you do that, the equanimity you experience during meditation naturally comes out to be lived more and more in every moment of your life. And that is a very good description of the zone.

Once a skeptic, Bob Roth trained under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the twentieth century's foremost scientist of consciousness and meditation, and has since become one of the most experienced and sought-after meditation teachers in the world. Roth saw the profound and practical capabilities of the technique, and as cofounder and CEO of the David Lynch Foundation, he has helped bring TM to more than 500,000 at-risk youth, veterans with PTSD, and women survivors of domestic violence. He also teaches TM to top leaders in government, business, medicine, and the arts.

In Strength in Stillness, Roth breaks down the science behind meditation in a new, accessible way. He highlights the three distinct types of meditation—focused attention, open monitoring, and self-transcending—and showcases the evidence that the third, Transcendental Meditation, is the most effective and efficient way to reduce stress, access inner power, and build resilience. Free of gimmicks, mystical verbiage, and over-inflated research studies, Strength in Stillness is a simple and straightforward guide to calming mind, body, and spirit.