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yoga & psyche

Yoga & Psyche

Integrating the Paths of Yoga and Psychology for Healing, Transformation, and Joy
$21.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: February, 2018
ISBN: 9781622036561
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Has yoga improved your health and expanded your awareness, but emotional and relationship issues continue to challenge you? Have you found psychotherapy helpful, yet yearn for further spiritual discovery?

With Yoga & Psyche, Mariana Caplan explores how these domains of transformation complement each other, laying the groundwork for a new merging of the two.

Even among the most dedicated of followers, neither yoga nor psychology alone offers a complete approach to integrated psychological and spiritual transformation. As Mariana explains, yoga by itself “does not heal relational wounds, increase self-esteem, enhance communication, reveal or change self-destructive patterns, or end addictions.” While Western psychology does address these problems, by itself psychology “can’t offer the contentment, joy, and life-altering experiences that yoga and other spiritual practices can.” It’s easy to see how either path alone can lack something crucial, and how both—when integrated—can generate something remarkable, fresh, and uncommonly beneficial…. She also elucidates how yoga and psychology can be informed by the related fields of somatics, neuroscience, and trauma studies, and she does so with an accessible voice that offers hands-on practices. —Don Hanlon Johnson, from his foreword

Through original research, clinical findings, Caplan's own experiences, and actual practices, Yoga & Psyche takes us on an in-depth exploration of this emerging new terrain.

From approximately two hundred studies, we developed the following propositions:

1. The Western psychologist can benefit from insights, practices, and research on yoga.

2. The Western practitioner of yoga can benefit by integrating the larger yogic perspective of breathwork and meditation, as well as somatic psychology, neuroscience, trauma research, mindfulness, and other developments in Western psychology.

3. The long-term integration of these two fields offers the practitioner the possibility of becoming fully embodied — for the consciousness and intelligence that are ordinarily associated with the mind to become awakened throughout the whole body.

4. There is a new field emerging in which a variety of methods that integrate yoga and psychology can be created, researched, and implemented.

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