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book of freedom

Book of Freedom

The Mastery Trilogy Book 3: A Channeled Text
$23.00 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: TarcherPerigee
Publication Date: November, 2018
ISBN: 9780399175725
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The channeled literature of Paul Selig—who receives clairaudient dictation from unseen intellects called the Guides—has quickly become the most important and celebrated expression of channeling since A Course In Miracles rose to prominence in the 1970s.

Selig’s previous trilogy of channeled wisdom—I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, and The Book of Knowing and Worth—won a large following around the world for its depth, intimacy, and psychological insight. The first two books of his new Mastery Trilogy, The Book of Mastery and The Book of Truth, likewise attained popularity and praise. Now, Selig continues the “Teachings of Mastery” with the widely anticipated third volume in the series: The Book of Freedom, which shows readers how to find full expression as the Divine Self through surrender and acquiescence to the true nature of their being.

You will hear these words, if you like. You will dismiss them if you don’t like them. But what we are offering you on a level of frequency through attunement and sound and vibration is the resurrection of the self as the True Self, and the embodiment of this is where we wish you to know yourselves through. What is the embodiment of this? The awareness of the Divine in all manifestation.


“Does this mean you walk on water?” he asks. “Does this mean we become saints?” Of course not. You are looking for outcomes again. You are looking for product. What you get is yourself as you are in your true nature.

"Paul’s messages arrive from a consortium of unseen ‘Guides’ whose voices are deeply ethical, penetratingly insightful regarding the foibles of human nature, and unsparingly blunt about the possibilities and pitfalls facing us in the present era.  As an intellect, Paul, too, possesses these qualities and serves as a fine instrument—a kind of Stradivarius of the soul—through which the Guides can play their notes."—Mitch Horowitz, author of One Simple Idea

sister of darkness

Sister of Darkness

The Chronicles of a Modern Exorcist
$21.00 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: October, 2018
ISBN: 9780062656155
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We may not be able to see them, but they’re always there. Smoke and shadows, ghoulish features or lifelike forms, there are the demons, or what Rachel calls “entities,” that float around us, or even attach themselves to our bodies, feeding off our fears, traumas, and our negative energy. As the world’s only nondenominational exorcist, Rachel has found herself at the crux of the spiritual crossroads of thousands of clients all of whom she’s been able to save by ridding them of their spiritual baggage, and getting at the root causes of their low frequency at the same time.

Stavis realized her gift as young child, but for years she pushed it away, wishing for it to disappear. After years of denying her gift for communicating with the spirit world, she turned what she once regarded as a curse into a blessing to help those in need. Stavis has cleansed thousands of tormented people, from small children to musicians, politicians, and everyone in between, quietly performing her work pro bono and in obscurity.

In this book, I’ll welcome you not just into my strange world, but into the entire realm of entities, Spirit, frequency, and how they directly affect you. I’ll describe the many levels of entities—and what you might have attached to you right now—and show you what you can do to avoid attracting others…

During my exorcisms, I call in Spirit Guides, Master Teachers, angels, my ancestors, even gods and goddesses, all of whom come from and are part of Spirit…


You can change your energy—which I also call frequency—to help make a better world. That, in turn, will keep entities from attaching to you—now and for the rest of your life.

A unique look at demonology removed from religious dogma, Sister of Darkness is the true story of Rachel’s journey to becoming an exorcist. Chronicling some of her most extreme and interesting cleansings, the hows and the whys of what she does, and stories of danger and of triumph, Stavis creates a world that is at times frightening, eye-opening, and utterly enthralling.

empath's survival guide

Empath's Survival Guide

Life Strategies for Sensitive People
$20.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: September, 2018
ISBN: 9781683642114
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With The Empath’s Survival Guide, intuitive psychiatrist Judith Orloff offers a resource to help sensitive people develop healthy coping mechanisms in our high-stimulus world—while fully embracing the empath’s gifts of intuition, compassion, creativity, and spiritual connection.

Having empathy means our heart goes out to another person in joy or pain. But for empaths it goes much further. We actually feel others’ emotions, energy, and physical symptoms in our own bodies, without the usual defenses that most people have.

This practical, empowering book was created to support empaths and anyone who wants to develop their sensitivities to become more caring people in an often-insensitive world. It also helps their loved ones better understand the needs and gifts of the sensitive people in their lives.

Dr. Orloff offers some crucial practices:

  • Self-assessment exercises to help you identify your empath type
  • Tools for protecting yourself from sensory overload, exhaustion, addictions, and compassion fatigue while replenishing your vital energy
  • Simple and effective strategies to stop absorbing stress and physical symptoms from others and protect yourself from narcissists and other energy vampires
  • How to find the right work and create relationships that nourish you
  • How to navigate intimate relationships without feeling overwhelmed
  • Guidance for parenting and raising empathic children
  • Awakening the empath’s gift of intuition, and deepening your spiritual connection to all living beings.

For any sensitive person who’s been told to “suck it up” or “grow a thick skin,” here is an invaluable resource for staying fully open while building resilience, exploring your gifts of depth and compassion, and feeling welcome and valued by a world that desperately needs what you have to offer.

“Reading Judith’s book is like having a very savvy sister who teaches you the insider skills of how to deal with this perplexing and amazing talent of extreme sensitivity… This book is packed with practical hints for embracing sensitivity and turning it into a gift.” —Lorin Roche, author of The Radiance Sutras

Among Judith Orloff’s other books are Emotional Freedom and The Power of Surrender.

gate of light

Gate of Light

Healing Practices to Connect You to Source Energy
By: Lars Muhl
$21.95 CAD
Hardcover Book
Publisher: Watkins
Publication Date: June, 2018
ISBN: 9781786781482
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The Gate of Light describes an ancient healing method used by the Essenes, or “The Sons of Light,” 2500 years ago. It brings this forgotten practice to the modern age, complete with practical tools, meditations and visualisations. A companion book to The Law of Light but can be read on its own.

Until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1946, little was known of the Essenes; a brotherhood of holy men and women living together within a community over two thousand years ago. The Essenes considered themselves to be a separate people—not because of external signs like skin colour, hair colour, but because of the illumination of their inner life and their knowledge of the hidden mysteries of nature.

The Gate of Light, based on Lars Muhl’s lifelong search for God, sets out to provide a practice based on Essene teachings that allows us to look at how we judge ourselves and how we live in the world. He asks: What motivates us? How do we create a balance between thoughts, words and actions? How do we align ourselves in relation to our higher self and become the universal light beings we are meant to be? The Essenes understood that everything is interactively connected and that everything is energy. For them, God was the name for the highest form of awareness, something omnipresent and, if a human wished to learn how then they could communicate with this ever present energy and through this communication humans could realize their full potential.

Drawing on this ancient knowledge Lars presents a complete practice to help us recognize and answer the above questions. He particularly looks at: Grief and Happiness, Balance and Awareness, Selflessness, Boredom and Renunciation, Loneliness, Gratitude, Silence and Thoughtfulness.

surviving death

Surviving Death

A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife
$23.00 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Crown Archetype
Publication Date: March, 2018
ISBN: 9780451497147
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Leslie Kean’s impeccably researched, page-turning investigation reveals stunning and wide-ranging evidence suggesting that consciousness survives death. Here she continues her examination of unexplained phenomena that began with her provocative and controversial UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record.

While exploring the evidence for an afterlife, I witnessed some unbelievable things that are not supposed to be possible in our material world. Yet they were unavoidably and undeniably real. Despite my initial doubt, I came to realize that there are still aspects of Nature which are neither understood or accepted, even though their reality has profound implications for understanding the true breadth of the human psyche and its possible continuity after death.

Kean explores the most compelling case studies involving young children reporting verifiable details from past lives, contemporary mediums who seem to defy the boundaries of the brain and the material world, apparitions providing information about their lives on earth, and ordinary people who recount some of the most extraordinary near-death experiences ever recorded. Kean's first book, and her credibility as a seasoned and well-respected journalist, made people take notice of a topic that many considered implausible. This book will do the same— this time enriched by Kean’s reactions to her own perplexing experiences encountered while she probed the universal question concerning all of us: Is there life after death?

British psychologist David Fontana studied the evidence for psi for over thirty years. “Psychic abilities are a matter of fact, not of belief,” he writes. “What they are and they mean for our view of reality is another matter, but one cannot dismiss them as fiction and yet retain credibility as an unbiased observer.” The reader will encounter the reality of the most refined psychic functioning throughout this book, and by the end will have no questions as to its existence.

jump girl

Jump Girl

The Initiation and Art of a Spirit Speaker--A Memoir
$25.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication Date: February, 2018
ISBN: 9781623171926
In stock now: 4

This is a remarkable life story of growing up psychic and learning to work with Spirit, as told by a medium and psychic seer.

Carrying on traditions woven of her Blackfoot and Celtic roots, Salicrow is a natural psychic medium from a family with a long history of profound connection to the unseen world. In this intimate memoir, she tells the story of how she became aware of her gifts as a child, how she was taught and encouraged by her grandmother and father, and how for more than 25 years she has worked as a seer, using the Tarot and Runes as tools to help people communicate with their beloved dead, as well as to contact the guiding spirits who watch over them.

As a species we are becoming empathic. People are finding their senses heightened, and they are becoming aware of the emotional and physical pain of others… We have reached the tipping point at which people no longer have a choice of whether they want to be more open. Psychic gifts that have remained dormant for many generations are being awakened. We are becoming more.

Revealing what it feels like to be called to serve in the metaphysical world, she describes her experiences divining the future and revisiting the past, speaking with herself from prior lives, time traveling to do energetic healing work on the planet, learning from the spirits themselves, using kinetic force, continuing to study and hone her skills, and much more.

Sali’s story teaches the fundamentals of mediumship, psychic perception, geomancy, spiritual healing, and a basket of other unusual human capacities. We learn of them from the inside out, as they happened to her, and as they manifested in her relationships with family, friends, and clients. To those who have wondered what it’s like to have such talents, this book is an intimate revelation… Reading Sali’s tale opens the mind to a wider, deeper reality, which is both deeply serious and incredibly fun. —from the foreword by Robert Simmons

“Whether one accepts the explicit existence of an afterlife, Sali has demonstrated that the universe is incomprehensibly complex and filled with disembodied thoughtforms and spirits as well as denser life forms. Through the many events on diverse worlds and across multiple dimensions, these entities, in all their vibrations and incarnate states, work toward overall clarification, healing, and personal evolution.” —Richard Grossinger, founding publisher, North Atlantic Books

new sirian revelations

New Sirian Revelations

Galactic Prophecies for the Ascending Human Collective
$24.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication Date: December, 2017
ISBN: 9781623171711
In stock now: 3

In July 1996, during an extraordinary out-of-body journey through the Milky Way and other galaxies, Patricia Cori was reconnected and attuned to a group of interdimensional light beings that she and her many readers came to know, through the first Sirian Revelations transmissions, as The Sirian High Council. During her remarkable mission as their Scribe, she has shared the insights of six-dimensional Sirian Light Emissaries through the books and teachings that have transformed readers over the past decades. Now, twenty years from the date of the first transmission, Cori shares new revelations that affirm the veracity of past prophecies and transmit new visions for the human race as we ascend through the outer reaches of the fourth dimension into new levels of conscious awareness and parallel realities as we prepare for our imminent emergence.

Called a “real-life Indiana Jones,” Cori is one of the most well-known and established authorities on multidimensional realities that challenge the status quo. Her messages from distant realms empower readers to look at the dark side, to understand it, but to focus on the light for all humankind and the earth. In this new book, the Sirians once again hold us to our responsibility as guardians of this planet, with sound direction and advice for how to get through these shifting sands of our transition.

Their discussions delve into many of the most crucial issues of our time, including the merging of human mind and artificial intelligence, exoplanetary migration from the earth and what that means to planets that will receive us, coming clean about cloning, the care and feeding of the human being, and the slipping of time as we know it. As the struggle between darkness and light is being fought at every level, Cori reminds us to take comfort in the fact that the Sirian High Council foresaw and told us how this time of immense upheaval would be the last phase of our passage out of the darkness and into the light of far more illuminated states of being.

Among the other books by Patricia Cori are The Cosmos of the Soul and No More Secrets, No More Lies.