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origins of creativity

Origins of Creativity

$22.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: WW Norton
Publication Date: November, 2018
ISBN: 9781631494857
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In this profound and lyrical book, one of our most celebrated biologists offers a sweeping examination of the relationship between the humanities and the sciences: what they offer to each other, how they can be united, and where they still fall short. Both endeavours, E. O. Wilson reveals, have their roots in human creativity—the defining trait of our species.

Reflecting on the deepest origins of language, storytelling, and art, Wilson demonstrates how creativity began not ten thousand years ago, as we have long assumed, but over one hundred thousand years ago in the Paleolithic age. Chronicling this evolution of creativity from primate ancestors to humans, The Origins of Creativity shows how the humanities, spurred on by the invention of language, have played a largely unexamined role in defining our species. And in doing so, Wilson explores what we can learn about human nature from a surprising range of creative endeavors—the instinct to create gardens, the use of metaphors and irony in speech, and the power of music and song.

Our achievements in science and the humanities, Wilson notes, make us uniquely advanced as a species, but also give us the potential to be supremely dangerous, most worryingly in our abuse of the planet. The humanities in particular suffer from a kind of anthropomorphism, encumbered by a belief that we are the only species among millions that seem to matter, yet Wilson optimistically reveals how researchers will have to address this parlous situation by pushing further into the realm of science, especially fields such as evolutionary biology, neuroscience, and anthropology.

With eloquence and humanity, Wilson calls for a transformational "Third Enlightenment," in which the blending of science and the humanities will give us a deeper understanding of the human condition and our crucial relationship with the natural world.

you are the universe

You Are the Universe

Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters
$20.00 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Harmony
Publication Date: September, 2018
ISBN: 9780307889157
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Here Deepak Chopra joins forces with physicist Menas Kafatos to explore some of the most important and baffling questions about our place in the world—and the world itself.

What happens when modern science reaches a crucial turning point that challenges what we think we know about reality? In this brilliant and practical work, Chopra and Kafatos tell us that we've reached just such a point. In the coming era, the universe will be completely redefined as a "human universe" radically unlike the cold, empty void where human life is barely a speck in the cosmos.

You Are the Universe literally means what it says—each of us is a co-creator of reality extending to the vastest reaches of time and space. This seemingly impossible proposition follows from the current state of science, where outside the public eye, some key mysteries cannot be solved, even though they are the very issues that define reality itself:

  • What Came Before the Big Bang?
  • Why Does the Universe Fit Together So Perfectly?
  • Where Did Time Come From?
  • What Is the Universe Made Of?
  • Is the Quantum World Linked to Everyday Life?
  • Do We Live in a Conscious Universe?
  • How Did Life First Begin?

The shift into a new paradigm is happening. The answers offered in this book are not our invention or eccentric flights of fancy. All of us live in a participatory universe. Once you decide that you want to participate fully with mind, body, and soul, the paradigm shift becomes personal. The reality you inhabit will be yours either to embrace or to change.

What these great minds offer is a new understanding of who we are and how we can transform the world for the better while reaching our higher potential.

Cosmic consciousness has the urge to build upon the old to create the new. This behavior is called evolution. Confining evolution to life on Earth is a narrow perspective. The entire cosmos exhibits evolution as a basic trait…


Cosmic consciousness mirrors the observer’s state of being. There is no privileged point of view, even though in the past religion claimed to have a privileged point of view while today science does the same. But each story is provided with evidence to support it. Because our state of being interacts so intimately with reality that observer, observed, and the process of observation are inseparable.

climate: a new story

Climate: A New Story

$25.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication Date: September, 2018
ISBN: 9781623172480
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Flipping the script on climate change, Charles Eisenstein makes a case for a wholesale reimagining of the framing, tactics, and goals we employ in our journey to heal from ecological destruction. His research and insight details how the quantification of the natural world leads to a lack of integration and our “fight” mentality. With an entire chapter unpacking the climate change denier’s point of view, he advocates for expanding our exclusive focus on carbon emissions to see the broader picture beyond our short-sighted and incomplete approach.

The rivers, forests, and creatures of the natural and material world are sacred and valuable in their own right, not simply for carbon credits or preventing the extinction of one species versus another. After all, when you ask someone why they first became an environmentalist, they’re likely to point to the river they played in, the ocean they visited, the wild animals they observed, or the trees they climbed when they were a kid. This refocusing away from impending catastrophe and our inevitable doom cultivates meaningful emotional and psychological connections and provides real, actionable steps to caring for the earth. Freeing ourselves from a war mentality and seeing the bigger picture of how everything from prison reform to saving the whales can contribute to our planetary ecological health, we resist reflexive postures of solution and blame and reach toward the deep place where commitment lives.

 Eisenstein takes up powerful themes of inner and outer transformation, the convergence of activism and spirituality, and the multiple crises we face as a society and as individuals. By recognizing the many aspects that play into the overall environmental crises, rather than looking for one cause or culprit, we are adopting a healthier and more workable strategy.

We must recognize that everything is interdependent, feel the hurts of the planet, and let the resulting grief open us to transformation and empathy.

What a blast of sanity! Eisenstein's corrective is a bracing piece of work, dazzlingly thought through and eloquent in its articulation. He writes from within an uncannily woke worldview, enacting a full-bodied way of thinking that discerns and feels into the complex entanglement of our lives with every facet of this breathing biosphere. This book is visionary and prophetic, achingly grounded and useful to the max.” —David Abram, author of Becoming Animal

kiss the ground

Kiss the Ground

How the Food You Eat Can Reverse Climate Change, Heal Your Body & Ultimately Save Our World
$22.00 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Atria/Enliven Books
Publication Date: September, 2018
ISBN: 9781501170263
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From Josh Tickell, a celebrated documentary filmmaker, comes “a fascinating, easy-to-follow blueprint for how eating in ways that nourish and regenerate the soil can not only help reverse global warming, but also bring greater vitality to our lives.” (Wolfgang Puck).

It turns out that for all our gadgetry we are still bound by the same contract as our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Soil gives food and in so doing soil gives life. Earth is our home and without the substance we call earth, we cannot survive.

This is why we humans will tell this same story in some form or another over and over again. It’s why we show our children how to garden and how to farm. And it’s why they show us how to eat dirt. Us and soil—it is a time-tested relationship…

The ground, otherwise known as the soil, is our home. No matter where we go, or how far we venture, or how long we live, we will always return home. And because of this, and because of the discoveries in these pages, I have great hope.

“A must read for anyone committed to healing our bodies and our Earth” (Deepak Chopra), Kiss the Ground explains an incredible truth: by changing our diets to a soil-nourishing, regenerative agriculture diet, we can reverse global warming, harvest healthy, abundant food, and eliminate the poisonous substances that are harming our children, pets, bodies, and ultimately our planet.

This richly visual look at the impact of an underappreciated but essential resource—the very ground that feeds us—features fascinating and accessible interviews with celebrity chefs, ranchers, farmers, and top scientists. Kiss the Ground teaches you how to become an agent in humanity’s single most important and time-sensitive mission: reverse climate change and effectively save the world—all through the choices you make in how and what to eat. Also a full-length documentary executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and narrated by Woody Harrelson, Kiss the Ground both informs and inspires with compelling storytelling, and you-are-there explorations of our human being-with soil, plants, food, garbage, and compost—the huge mystery that makes our life possible. As someone said, “History celebrates the fields whereon we meet our death, but rarely speaks of the plowed fields whereby we live.”

healing code of nature

Healing Code of Nature

Discovering the New Science of Eco-Psychosomatics
$20.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: August, 2018
ISBN: 9781683640318
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Human beings are inseparable from the natural world, coevolving with all of life. In order to thrive, we need to nourish this bond. In The Healing Code of Nature, Austrian biologist Clemens G. Arvay illuminates the miraculous ways that the human body interprets the living code of plants, animals, and our larger natural habitat for healing and sustenance.

Did you know that the sight of a tree activates the self-healing powers of a human being? Or that contact with friendly animals is proven to strengthen our immune system and help with recovery? Or that different natural landscapes hold unique healing properties? “People have been connected with plants, animals, and ecosystems over eons,” writes Arvay. “Nature is full of influences and stimuli that are healthy for us when we open to them.” The Healing Code of Nature is as inspiring as it is fascinating, offering readers a new vision for the future of medicine and the way we relate to our environment.

Everything in this book revolves around scientific explanations for the hidden powers of plants and animals, which keep us healthy when we open up to them. We will be exploring the healing effects of nature down to our organs and deep into our cells. Thus, we will see, for example, how our nerves translate the symbolic language of nature and sensory stimuli from the world of plants and animals into something physical.

With that in mind, I welcome you now to join me in exploring nature-human medicine. Our journey will take us all the way back to the Big Bang.

Also by Clemens Arvay is The Biophilia Effect.



The Science and Practice of Presence--the Groundbreaking Meditation Practice
$37.00 CAD
Hardcover Book
Publisher: TarcherPerigee
Publication Date: August, 2018
ISBN: 9781101993040
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Aware, from prolific author and psychiatrist Daniel Siegel, provides practical instruction for mastering the Wheel of Awareness, a life-changing tool for cultivating more focus, presence, and peace in one's day-to-day life.

An in-depth look at the science that underlies meditation's effectiveness, this book teaches readers how to harness the power of the principle “Where attention goes, neural firing flows, and neural connection grows.” Siegel reveals how developing a Wheel of Awareness practice to focus attention, open awareness, and cultivate kind intention can literally help you grow a healthier brain and reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in your life.

Whether you have no experience with a reflective practice or are an experienced practitioner, Aware is a hands-on guide that will enable you to become more focused and present, as well as more energized and emotionally resilient in the face of stress and the everyday challenges life throws your way.

This brilliant summary of the new sciences of the mind is fascinating, sometimes jaw-dropping, and always wonderfully useful. As Ruby Wax, author of Sane New World says, “For me almost every line is an ‘aha’ moment. At long last, someone nails what it is to have a healthy mind, and if you don’t have one, how to get one.”

“An illuminating new view of the nature of the mind and the practices of awareness that lead us to profound wellbeing. Siegel's Wheel of Awareness is an elegant and groundbreaking synthesis of these practices, an accessible tool for inner integration and healing, as well as for realizing the loving awareness that links us to all beings. This brilliant book is poised to transform countless lives.” Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance

“Dan is a brilliant integrator and Aware is a visionary blend of neuroscience, physics, and cutting-edge psychology combined with creative approaches to mindfulness and compassion. The practice of the Wheel brings together many skillful and wise elements of meditation, all rolled into one.” Jack Kornfield, author of The Wise Heart

 Among Daniel Siegel’s other books are Mindsight, Mind, and The Yes Brain.

science and spiritual practices

Science and Spiritual Practices

Transformative Experiences and Their Effects on Our Bodies, Brains, and Health
$34.95 CAD
Hardcover Book
Publisher: Counterpoint
Publication Date: August, 2018
ISBN: 9781640091177
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The effects of spiritual practices are now being investigated scientifically as never before, and many studies have shown that religious and spiritual practices generally make people happier and healthier. Rupert illustrates how science helps validate seven particular practices which underpin all major world religions: Meditation; Gratitude; Connecting with nature; Relating to plants; Rituals; Singing and chanting; and Pilgrimage and holy places.

Rupert summarizes the latest scientific research on what happens when we take part in these practices, and suggests ways that readers can explore these fields for themselves. For those who are religious, Science and Spiritual Practices will illuminate the evolutionary origins of their own traditions and give a new appreciation of their power. For the non-religious, this book will show how the core practices of spirituality are accessible to all, without the need to subscribe to a religious belief system.

Results [of research studies] generally show that religious and spiritual practices confer benefits that include better physical and mental health, less proneness to depression, and greater longevity.

The old-fashioned opposition between science and religion is a false dichotomy. Open-minded scientific studies enhance our understanding of spiritual and religious practices

The practices themselves are about experience, not belief… At the end of each chapter I suggest two ways in which you can gain direct experiences of these practices for yourself.

“I love this book! Few living scientists have the courage and the verve to ask the questions Rupert does, research them, and deliver answers in language all can understand. Be prepared as you read this book for an exciting and free-ranging ride, a sort of scientific pilgrimage journeying into spiritual practices and how they have benefited and can benefit humanity.—Matthew Fox, spiritual theologian and author of Original Blessing

Among Rupert Sheldrake’s other books are Science Set Free and The Sense of Being Stared At.

revolutionary genius of plants

Revolutionary Genius of Plants

A New Understanding of Plant Intelligence and Behavior
$39.99 CAD
Hardcover Book
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication Date: August, 2018
ISBN: 9781501187858
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Do plants have intelligence? Do they have memory? Are they better problem solvers than people? This fascinating, paradigm-shifting work upends much you thought you knew about plants, and makes a compelling scientific case that these and other astonishing ideas are all true.

Plants make up eighty percent of the weight of all living things on earth, and yet it is easy to forget that these innocuous, beautiful organisms are responsible for not only the air that lets us survive, but for many of our modern comforts: our medicine, food, even our fossil fuels.

On the forefront of uncovering the essential truths about plants, scientist Stefano Mancuso reveals the surprisingly sophisticated ability of plants to innovate, to remember, and to learn, offering us creative solutions to the most vexing technological and ecological problems that face us today. Despite not having brains or central nervous systems, plants perceive their surroundings with an even greater sensitivity than animals. They efficiently explore and react promptly to potentially damaging external events thanks to their cooperative, shared systems; without any central command centers, they are able to remember prior catastrophic events and to actively adapt to new ones.

Every page of Plant Revolution bubbles over with Mancuso's infectious love for plants and for the eye-opening research that makes it more and more clear how remarkable our fellow inhabitants on this planet really are. In his hands, complicated science is wonderfully accessible, and he has loaded the book with gorgeous photographs that make for an unforgettable reading experience. Plant Revolution opens the doors to a new understanding of life on earth.

When it comes to robustness and innovation, nothing can compete with plants. Their way of functioning is a useful model, especially in an age when the ability of perceive change and find innovative solutions has become a requirement for success. We would do well to bear this in mind when planning for our future as a species.

order of the sacred earth

Order of the Sacred Earth

An Intergenerational Vision of Love and Action
$22.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Monkfish
Publication Date: July, 2018
ISBN: 9781939681867
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Matthew Fox, a 76-year-old elder, activist and spiritual theologian, along with Skylar Wilson, a 33-year-old wilderness guide, leader of inter-cultural ceremonies, and Jennifer Listug, a 28-year-old writer, spiritual leader, and publicist, are presenting a challenge and an opportunity in the vision launched in this modest book. That vision is about creating an Order of the Sacred Earth.

The one unifying element of the Order is the vow which members are asked to take: “I promise to be the best lover and defender of Mother Earth that I can be.” The intent is to build a community of like minded individuals who are working to keep Mother Earth healthy, to network with other individuals and organizations doing similar work, and to bring a deeper spiritual grounding to that work through the study of creation spirituality.

To quote Matthew Fox from his vision of OSE “It is a community and a movement, not an institution; a verb, not a noun; a gathering of people very diverse but drawn together by a common value: the survival and thriving of Mother Earth.”

The question addressed in this book might be summarized as this: After religion, what? Or, How can we now build a conscious community that gives us a sense of our common sacredness and purpose? That question is explored and answered by essay contributors—including Mirabai Starr, Brian Swimme, Adam Bucko, David Korten, and many others.

Like glowing embers ready to flare up into a fire, or subterranean plates shifting, ready to become an earthquake that will reshape the entire landscape as we know it, this movement is a rich potentiality, ready to blossom into a full revolution… Our knowledge of our one planet and its unique place in an ever expanding cosmos illuminates humanity within a new earthly and cosmic perspective. It is now time for our wisdom to expand accordingly.

Included in wisdom is our capacity for gratitude, love, and respect. We feel the Order of the Sacred Earth can play a dynamic role in this expansion. Read and see if you agree. Become a part of something larger than yourself and our combative histories—part of something that is alive, vital, and nourishing, in which we can learn to set ourselves free in the fullest sense of that term. Free to serve. Free to give back. Free to celebrate. Free to contribute to the return of community and a thriving planet.

“I feel grateful for this inspiring book and the inspiring initiative it launches. The Order of the Sacred Earth gives me new hope; its founders are visionaries who set out a plausible program to engage all aspects of our life, and motivate much-needed change. I hope and pray that their message and their Order will spread and transform our relationships with the Earth and with each other.”—Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, author of Science Set Free

The Order of the Sacred Earth is a vision as vital and inspired as any on our planet in this time of cultural collapse and regeneration—a gathering together of mystic warriors and visionary artisans of cultural evolution. There are now millions of us—imaginal cells of emerging ecocentric cultures—but what is needed is a consciously convened community that brings us together to synergistically deepen and amplify our artistry and to train and initiate others. Fox and Wilson’s co-dreamed vision draws from the very heart of the dream of the Earth.”—Bill Plotkin, author of Soulcraft

how soon is now?

How Soon is Now?

A Handbook for Global Change
$18.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Watkins Media
Publication Date: July, 2018
ISBN: 9781786780867
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Here’s a bracing “big-vision” book from Daniel Pinchbeck, who wrote Breaking Open the Head and co-edited What Comes After Money? and Exploring the Edge-Realms of Consciousness.

Beyond denial, cynicism, despair, and grief, we have the option to embrace our role as agents of planetary regeneration, helping to redeem and restore our world—to find joy in surrendering limited forms of self-interest for planetary communion.

We are on the brink of an ecological mega-crisis, threatening the future of life on earth, and our actions over the next few years may well determine the destiny of our descendants. Between a manifesto and a tactical plan of action, How Soon is Now? by radical futurist and philosopher Daniel Pinchbeck, outlines a vision for a mass social movement that will address this crisis.

Drawing on extensive research, Daniel Pinchbeck presents a compelling argument for the need for change on a global basis. The central thesis is that humanity has unconsciously self-willed ecological catastrophe to bring about a transcendence of our current condition. We are facing an initiatory ordeal on a planetary scale.

We can understand that this initiation is necessary for us to evolve from one state of being our current level of consciousness to the next. Overcoming outmoded ideologies, we will realize ourselves as one unified being, a planetary super-organism in a symbiotic relationship with the Earth's ecology and the entire web of life.

Covering everything from energy and agriculture, to culture, politics, media and ideology, How Soon Is Now? is ultimately about the nature of the human soul and the future of our current world. Pinchbeck calls for an intentional redesign of our current systems, transforming unjust and elitist structures into participatory, democratic, and inclusive ones. His viewpoint integrates indigenous design principles and Eastern metaphysics with social ecology and radical political thought in a new synthesis.

“This provocative and honest book pushes the climate change conversation well beyond its usual edges. It conveys the enormity of the changes before us—in politics, the economy, and technology of course, but also in our psychology and even our metaphysics. I recommend it to anyone who is trying to make sense of climate change within a bigger picture that includes the evolution of civilization and consciousness.” —Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics