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awakening the soul

Awakening the Soul

$23.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Mosaic Multicultural Foundation
Publication Date: October, 2018
ISBN: 9780999634592
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In his newest book, Awakening The Soul: A Deep Response to a Troubled World, mythic storyman Michael Meade explores the impact of great cultural and environmental upheaval on the human soul.  Delving into territories including the loss of truth and meaning, collective anxiety, and feelings of despair and helplessness, Meade directs attention to the need for an awakening of individuals to address the collective problems of the modern world.

Awakening the Soul begins with a description of one of the oldest stories ever found.  On a papyrus scroll written 4500 years ago, an Egyptian scribe laments the condition of his culture, which includes violence, loss of all civility and the collapse of major institutions.  Despite the age of the manuscript, the author could be describing the conditions of our contemporary world, which suffers from the withering effect of collective anxiety and the isolating results of a collective loss of soul.

In order to find antidotes to overwhelming problems facing us on both collective and personal levels, Michael Meade turns to inspiring mythic stories, and deeply moving  experiences from his own life that surprisingly lead to an awakening of soul and  renewal of life.

Meaning is essential to the human soul and the current crisis of meaning and truth imperils the heart and soul of human culture. Each time an individual soul awakens to a genuine sense of meaning and purpose, there is more presence in the world and more meaning and truth in life.

As a pioneer and guide to “telling the story” of soul in our culture and our time, Michael Meade’s energy comes through this book with renewed urgency.

In some sense, the world has fallen asleep and is suffering a loss of the dream of life, leaving us with nightmares that produce pollution in nature as well as poisons in culture. There is a growing “collective trauma” as the hollowing of institutions and flood of rapid changes can cause everyone to become “dis-oriented” and feel disillusioned by the daily conditions of life. Traumatizing agents include the rise of mass culture and the subsequent diminishing of the individual soul, the spread of rampant materialism, and the rise of “connective” technologies that contribute to deep disconnections while “linking” people at surface levels of life.



We live in a time of overwhelming challenges and seemingly impossible tasks. Yet, this is not the end of time, but a break in the rhythm of history that also creates openings to the realm of great imagination and the possibility of reconnecting to the Soul of the World. When time cracks, the moment opens to eternity, making knowledge and wisdom available. Such moments of awakening become “lived time;” time fully lived in which we awaken to a greater sense of the world and our place in it.



No matter what threats and disasters occur at the surface of life, the underlying soul remains an endless resource and vital source of change and renewal.


This is a book about the necessity of soul at a time when the world seems to be losing its soul. This is a book about the human soul; but also about the underlying Soul of the World. It is about the necessity of waking the deep resources of the soul and making more soul at a time of widespread divisions and growing disasters. This is a book about the awakening of the individual soul and the capacity of each soul to contribute to the healing and renewal of a world gone wrong.

Among the other books (he has audio CDs & videos too) of Michael Meade are The Water of Life and The Genius Myth. For more info:

heart of the goddess

Heart of the Goddess

Art, Myth and Meditations of the World's Sacred Feminine
$36.25 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Monkfish
Publication Date: October, 2018
ISBN: 9781939681942
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Ancient images of the Goddess principles are reemerging, bringing renewed attention and expression to mythical and spiritual inner and outer guides. First published in 1990 and now reborn in a gorgeous revised edition, The Heart of the Goddess presents a worldwide selection of the art, values, and living lessons of Goddess culture. For author Hallie Iglehart Austen, respect for the Earth, restoration of community, and regaining the long lost power of Woman are inseparable.

This extraordinary compilation of the art, values and living lessons of Goddess culture dating from 30,000 years ago to the present, from Africa to Hawaii, Siberia to North America, is a multicultural tapestry of artwork, historical background, and meditations, bringing focus and expression to the myth and spirituality of the feminine. The Heart of the Goddess is an invaluable addition to the literature of feminist spirituality. Someone called it “returning to the Mother of us all.”

She writes of the Goddesses with the ease of someone who knows them well, and in introducing them, she provides us with a sketch of the historical, archeological, mythological, and anthropological context in which they existed or were found…

There is a priestess in this author, whose arrangement and progression of the Goddesses is an enactment of ritual invocation that takes us from Creation to Transformation and then to Celebration. Her inclusion and choice of chants, poetry and ritual invites us to hear words, feel the cadence, respond with feelings and imagination, and thus shift out of the objective realm into a luminal one…

To be moved by these images is to be part of what I have long been calling “the last wave of the women’s movement,” otherwise called “women’s spirituality.” It is the acceptance of women’s experience as sacred, as spiritual, and whatever women do to honor what they know, as ritual. — Jean Shinoda Bolen, from the foreword

“What a treasure! Decades of scholarship and oceans of love have been poured into gathering this exquisite collection of goddesses from all the world’s wisdom traditions. By gazing at the images and contemplating their stories, I felt myself joyously reclaiming the feminine face of the Holy One that has been imprinted on my own heart all along. I love love love this book! ”—Mirabai Starr, author of God of Love: A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity & Islam and Caravan of No Despair: A Memoir of Loss & Transformation

“A loving contribution towards illuminating the many attributes of the great, great Goddess. Intuitive and practical, Hallie Iglehart Austen’s work will nourish and heal its readers on many levels.” —Marija Gimbutas, author of The Language of the Goddess

it's never too late

It's Never Too Late

Healing Pre-Birth and Birth at Any Age
By: Mia Kalef
$26.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: 34th Street Pr
Publication Date: October, 2018
ISBN: 9781775398509
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Following her first book, The Secret Life of BabiesDr Mia Kalef now deepens her exploration of human sentience before conception and during birth.  

Whether you aim to understand your baby’s messages, are wishing to detect and heal your experiences from your time in the womb and at birth, are a health professional, or in a position of care for another,  this book offers a courageous and clear guide for decoding and healing some of society’s hardest to reach issues—depression, anxiety, violence, addiction, suicide—as well as other subtler and more pervasive adult challenges like low self-esteem, feelings of exclusion, and fears of intimacy. 

 It's Never Too Late also addressees common challenges parents and their babies encounter.  Rarely discussed issues like how to heal after challenging births, hospital interventions, and what to do when babies are inconsolable, experiencing movement or postural challenges, or having trouble making eye contact, are just some of the issues this book explores.

With a detailed and fascinating journey through conception, the early stages of embryonic growth, birth, and the myriad of ways human love and development get interrupted at these sensitive times, you will find gentle and effective ways to address the roots of personal and societal challenges. With an accessible and easy to implement approach, this book challenges our long-held assumptions that pre-birth and birth are forgotten, and offers a compassionate path back to experiencing the richness of our human lives.

What I had just discovered was that emotions were locked away in my body, and by feeling them my body had less pain! A spark was lit that day, one that made me curious about what was at the root of pain, both physical and emotional…


The healing work in this book is designed to reunite people of every age with their young, disenfranchised, and still hurting places, and move them forward in the present. Thus, this book is for anyone who wants to explore, discover, and work towards healing the challenges they faced between pre-conception and just after birth… Even though the suffering from challenging pre-birth and birth ex­periences can be debilitating, Nature has made it so that we all can heal.

“In Mia Kalef’s book you’ll find solid reasons to learn about the actual reality, validity of early learning and patterning for later life.” — Andrew Feldmár, psychotherapist

“At last, clinicians and parents have a book of authoritative knowledge that provides a solid foundation for working with the effects of prenatal imprinting. Mia Kalef brings together a clear understanding and set of skills for anyone working in this field and concerned about the lifelong mental and physical health of their smallest and biggest clients. Her case studies especially ground the material in the living reality of the treatment room and the heart. .” — Michael Shea, author of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Volumes 1-5

holy wild

Holy Wild

A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman
$22.50 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: New World Library
Publication Date: September, 2018
ISBN: 9781608685271
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Many women feel alienated from the spiritual paths outlined by traditional religions and by those described by popular spiritual alternatives. This ode to the Feminine Wild speaks to those women. Here are ideas and practices based on the elements (earth, fire, water, air, ether) rather than traditional patriarchy hierarchies and designed to connect individual women to their universal but usually denied powers.

While goddesses and heroines from Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Norse mythology are drawn upon to illuminate uniquely feminine virtues, the author deftly dismantles indoctrinated belief systems that limit women’s spiritual autonomy. Why “heathen”? The ancient Germanic definition of the word refers to “inhabiting uncultivated land, being wild and nourished by the natural world.” Dulsky embraces the word as an invitation to experience the exhilaration of being fully what we are, rather than what we are told we should be.

This book is a five-part ode to Her, to you, and to the yet-to-be rebuilt bridge between our spirituality and our lived, embodied experience. What you will find here is an invitation to descend into the dark with me, to gather up pieces of ourselves we have forgotten, and to rise. The wilds of nature will always be our ancestral home, no matter how long we wander or how far we stray from our roots, and what I offer you in these pages is a fervent call to come home to the truth of who you are, to take your rightful place in the circle of wise ones who came before you…


As women of the wild, we deserve our own holy books, our own teaching tales, and our own venerable verses of validation.

Through poetry, ceremonies, and myths, teaching practices including journaling, myth work, yoga, and energy exercises, and exploring and embracing sacred feminine archetypes such as the Mother Goddess, the Crone, and the Maiden, Danielle empowers every reader to own their own authority and unique spiritual path.

Also by activist witch Danielle Dulsky is Woman Most Wild, a key book for the witchcraft spirituality movement blossoming into popular culture.

circle of nine

Circle of Nine

An Archetypal Journey to Awaken the Divine Feminine Within
$24.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Weiser Books
Publication Date: August, 2018
ISBN: 9781578636327
In stock now: 1

As women cultivate an understanding of their lives, a mythological model can provide a tool for self-discovery and realizing individual potential. The Circle of Nine presents nine archetypes that represent different, but equally important aspects of the feminine psyche. They portray both the life of the individual and the story of woman as a whole—a circle of ever-changing patterns that is a source of wisdom and inspiration.

Three mothers, three queens, and three ladies form the circle. The Great Mother nurtures her children with a love that embraces the cycle of life, the Queen of the Night transforms the raw energy of instinct into skill and vision, and the Lady of the Hearth brings warmth and creativity into the home. By recognizing these and the other six archetypes of the circle, women can hold up a mirror to their souls to gain new perspectives and unlock their potential.

Queen of the Earth / The Weaving Mother / Lady of the Dance / Queen of the Night / The Just Mother / Lady of the Hearth / Queen of Beauty / The Great Mother / Lady of Light…

To make our discussion more concrete, the final chapter of the book describes specific ways you can work with the archetypes, either as an individual woman or in a group. It also takes up the theme of inter-generational work, with suggestions for activities to engage in with daughters or granddaughters.

Drawing from history, her work with women's groups, and contemporary insights, Cherry Gilchrist’s analysis, interpretations, and poetic/practical advice help to unravel the mystery of the divine feminine.

My final recommendation is to encourage and maintain a sense of play and pleasure in what you do… Joy and sorrow may mingle in your work, but if the archetype touches something true in your own nature, you will gain rich experience from both emotions…

You can find further stories about and additional material on the archetypes and working with the Circle of Nine at

“Change happens when women gather together. The Circle of Nine is a beautiful book that assists women coming together to consider the feminine from a spiritual perspective. It provides poetic portraits of nine archetypes… It's a wonderful source for women's interests and needs.”—Carol Pearson, author of Persephone Rising: Awakening the Heroine Within

wild woman's way

Wild Woman's Way

Unlock Your Full Potential for Pleasure, Power, and Fulfillment
$35.00 CAD
Hardcover Book
Publisher: Atria/Enliven Books
Publication Date: August, 2018
ISBN: 9781501179884
In stock now: 3

Here’s a practical tantra handbook for the high-achieving modern woman.

For women today, achieving a successful career, a fulfilling romantic relationship, and a rewarding personal life can feel like opposing goals, leaving their deepest yearnings seemingly beyond reach. It has even become difficult to enjoy the simplest pleasures of our lives. We are stuck in go-mode, damaging our romantic relationships, pleasure, and creativity.

But what if there were a way to experience the simplest pleasures of our lives on a deeper level, freeing the body and psyche from these damaging patterns?

Beyond our current stereotypes about femininity lies the wisdom of the Wild Woman archetype, a model of building a feminine body intelligence. By embodying this archetype and using tantra—not just in the bedroom, but also to build intimate connections to our senses and physical movements, bringing bliss to ordinary activities like taking a sip of tea or walking down the street—we can soften harmful psychological patterns while nurturing deeper pleasure in being itself.

Each of us has that native, embodied wisdom—a wild, untamed, undomesticated body-mind and heart that know what is true for us. This looks and feels different for each woman, and no two are ever alike. It guides our passion, whispers in our ears with longing, and reveals itself when we allow the natural genius of our bodies to show us the way.

In The Wild Woman's Way, Michaela Boehm shares practical rituals and exercises drawn from years of experience as a celebrity relationship and life counselor and teacher of tantric yoga. She reveals the power of different types of touch, while also training you in forms of meditation and stretching that increase activity and sensual pleasure.

This is not a book to help you learn yet another set of ways to be “more feminine” or a collection of tricks that, when applied, will make you “good enough.” This is a collection of real pieces of wisdom, honest stories, and powerful exercises that I offer to you, as they were once offered to me.

Soon, you will learn to switch between the aggressive go-mode required to compete in the world, and the feminine flow-mode of softness and receptivity. By harnessing this duality of the “Wild Woman,” you can attract and inspire meaningful relationships with romantic partners, your own body, and with life itself.

awakened relating

Awakened Relating

A Guide to Embodying Undivided Love in Intimate Relationships
$22.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: New Harbinger
Publication Date: July, 2018
ISBN: 9781684031016
In stock now: 3

Our natural state is to love and be loved. From deep within, were compelled to seek connection. Yet relationships remain a struggle—even for the most spiritually enlightened among us. Traumatic experiences, insecure attachment, and especially the false but commonly held belief that we are separate, both from each other and from the love we seek, can cause endless problems in relationships. As long as our connections are built on this untruth, lasting love and harmony in relationship will elude us. Awakened Relating can help.

Written by a licensed therapist and pioneer in bringing the most direct teachings of non-duality into the practice of psychotherapy, this book offers practical guidance for improving relationships through awakened relating—a more enlightened experience of falling in love, communication, conflict resolution, and sexuality. With examples, guidelines, and experiential inquiries for realizing your true nature, this book will dispel common myths and mistaken beliefs about intimacy and help you cultivate a loving relationship with yourself and others.

Awakened relating is about sharing and celebrating real Love together, rather than trying to get it from each other. Once we know we are what we seek, it is possible to relate from a place of freedom, harmony, and acceptance, rather than from lack, grasping, and attachment. As we move into awakened relating, we enter the timeless freedom that perfect Love offers.

Including inspirational stories of people who practice awakened relating in their own lives—including Adyashanti and Mukti, and Rupert Spira and Ellen Emmet— this book will show readers how to identify, transform, and resolve the deep psychological issues that prevent them from having the harmonious, loving relationships they seek.

It is most helpful to relax your mind and open your heart to allow a felt-sense of what is being read to emerge… To the best of your ability, allow your experience of this book to be a contemplation or a meditation, rather than an intellectual study.

“Full of wisdom as well as practical guidance about how to bring spiritual illumination into the very heart of our humanness.” —John Welwood, author of Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships and Journey of the Heart

how children thrive

How Children Thrive

The Practical Science of Raising Independent, Resilient, and Happy Kids
$19.50 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: May, 2018
ISBN: 9781683640202
In stock now: 5

How do children thrive? As a parent, you probably think about this all the time. You want your children to have happy, healthy, and meaningful lives—but what’s the best way to support them? In How Children Thrive, developmental pediatrician and parent Dr. Mark Bertin provides a positive, simple, and empowering approach for raising children of all ages. Bringing together mindfulness, new science on brain development, and the messy reality of being a parent, Bertin has a created a relaxed, instinctual, and evidence-based approach to raising children who thrive.

Research has shown that the key to raising resilient, kind, and independent children lies in Executive Function, our mental capacity to manage just about everything in life.

Despite its wonky, overly scientific name, there is nothing complicated about building executive function, It’s actually a lot more straightforward and less anxiety-provoking than most of the parenting advice out there.

 Through easily applied chapters, Dr. Bertin provides simple strategies for helping your children develop healthy EF— while taking care of yourself and enjoying your family. Highlights include:

  • Mindfulness—how it directly builds EF and how to incorporate mindful practices for the whole family
  • The importance of free play, the science behind it, and how to encourage more of it
  • Technology—how much is too much? At what age is screen time OK? Help your kids to a healthy relationship with media.
  • Create simple routines that support independence around homework, nutrition, sleep, friendships, and more
  • Age-appropriate advice for toddlers, teens, and even your twenty-somethings
  • Limits and discipline: How to determine—and stick with—consequences for unwanted behavior
  • Understand markers for whether your child is developmentally on track or if extra support might be needed
  • Find the advice you need when you need it with short, independent chapters full of concrete practices
  • Bring more calm, ease, and joy to your parenting while taking care of yourself—even when family life gets chaotic
  • Give yourself permission to make mistakes and adapt along the way

The pressure to be the perfect parent is overwhelming, but the truth is the job is too challenging and varied to ever be done to perfection.

daring to love

Daring to Love

Move Beyond Fear of Intimacy, Embrace Vulnerability, and Create Lasting Connection
$22.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: New Harbinger
Publication Date: May, 2018
ISBN: 9781684030736
In stock now: 5

Does it feel like your relationships never work out? After a breakup, do you spend most of your time dwelling on what the other person did to cause it, rather than reflecting on yourself? It may seem obvious that we want our romantic relationships to work, and that love and long-term commitment are our ultimate goals. But what if, instead of letting love in, you’re unconsciously pushing it away? And if so, how do you stop?

Daring to Love will help you identify the self-protective behaviors that keep you from building the intimate, lasting relationship you truly desire. Using techniques based in the authors’ groundbreaking voice therapy—the process of acknowledging unhealthy patterns aloud—you’ll uncover the real reasons you’re sabotaging your love life and learn to quiet destructive thoughts that are rooted in fear of rejection, shame, or jealousy. With this book as your guide, you can approach your relationship with openness and fearlessness—two key ingredients for romantic bliss!

 With compassion for yourself, you can develop an understanding of what limits you in your intimate relationship. You will benefit as you come to see yourself and your partner from an interested and caring perspective rather than through the eyes of your inner critic. Accepting that you are human, and realizing that change takes time, will allow you to have a kind attitude toward yourself as you strive to allow more love into your life.

This book deals with a very unpleasant reality—when it comes to sabotaging love, we are our own biggest problem. But the book also carries an optimistic message—we are our only real solution to this problem. The act of looking within, to identify the defenses that obstruct love and then learn how to challenge them, is the very thing that provides a way to establish or recapture the feelings of friendship and love that we desire in our intimate relationship.

If you’re struggling to cultivate lasting relationships, this book can help you embark on your next romantic journey with more openness and self-knowledge.

“This book invites us into raw vulnerability only made possible by the competent, compassionate hands of two authors who have lived—and loved—the principles they set forth. Perhaps the last paragraph of this book explains why it deserves to be read, integrated, and actualized into practice: ‘Love is worth believing in. Love is worth fighting for. Love is worth the personal challenge. No other endeavor offers higher rewards.’”
Pat Love

tantric sex and menopause

Tantric Sex and Menopause

Practices for Spiritual and Sexual Renewal
$21.50 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Inner Traditions
Publication Date: April, 2018
ISBN: 9781620556832
In stock now: 4

As women, we live so closely to the body—through menstruation, pregnancy, birthing, motherhood, and then menopause. Each of these transitions changes a woman in a multitude of ways, most of which are celebrated. Yet menopause often causes women to feel despondent, as if our bodies are broken or deficient, especially when it comes to sex and intimacy. However, as tantric teachers Diana Richardson and Janet McGeever show, menopause has many hidden gifts to offer if we learn to embrace rather than suppress the changes this natural transition brings.

Shining the light of tantric intelligence on menopause, the authors reveal how to explore and experience menopause in a radically positive fashion, suffused with a sense of vital awakening and re-wilding of a woman’s sexuality, creativity, and spirituality. Explaining what to expect physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as what it means for relationships, they detail tantric practices and tools to connect with the body’s inner intuitive wisdom and heart energies, remove the performance pressure of conventional sex, and set the stage for passion and pleasure to thrive both in the bedroom and beyond. They explain why Tantra works for menopausal women and how their bodies are naturally entering a more tantric phase focused on creative, spiritual energy. They explore how, in Tantra, sex is practiced not for the sake of sex itself but as an instrument for going beyond sex, for better health, improved relationships, enhanced self-control and emotional balance, and even higher states of consciousness. They also offer many self-help practices, exercises, and meditations to reinforce a positive attitude toward menopause and overcome many of the physical and sexual problems, such as pain, dryness, loss of interest, and loss of libido.

Transformation happens for both men and women. Words cannot even describe the connection and depth of love available. It is profound. Because hormones do not drive the menopausal woman so much anymore, a woman’s ability and capacity to open into a silent, restful state is greatly amplified. For a man to experience making love with the menopausal woman means that he will, if she has surrendered authentically to accepting her body changes, receive the gift of silence and sensitivity he may never before have encountered. This transforms him as he experiences a deep relief inside his body with not having to do so much, just learning to relax and be, and so balancing his body, heart, and soul.

Providing a guide for women who are approaching, experiencing, or have gone through menopause, the authors show how a more informed, tantric approach to menopause allows each woman to deepen her trust in the perfect functioning of the female body, embrace her natural sexual response, and reconnect with her inner self.

Also by Diana Richardson is Tantric Orgasm for Women.