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10 Messages Your Angels Want You to Know

Hardcover Book
Hay House
May, 2017
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"Angel Lady" Doreen Virtue distills the loving, heavenly guidance from the Angelic Realm into 10 easy-to-understand messages about health, life purpose, and successful manifestation, all of which readers can immediately put into action.
Angels are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. After all, the term angel means messenger of God." The angels can reach us and teach us, no matter how stressed, or afraid we are.

In this nondenominational book, you'll read 10 comforting and inspiring messages in the collective voice of God's angels, who already know the questions in your heart. Here, received by lifelong clairvoyant Doreen Virtue , they deliver Divine wisdom on important topics such as:

- Your true identity
- Free will
- Relationships
- Healing
- Spiritual and earthly fulfillment
- . . . and many more
This book can also give you guidance if you open it to a random page. Whatever you read upon doing so is a personalized message for you.

10 Messages Your Angels Want You to Know will help you develop an even clearer connection with Heaven. May the words in these pages open you to hearing God's guidance just for you .


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