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3 Step Purification Set

Abalone shell, White Sage bundle, Palo Santo stick, Yerba Santa bundle
Incense / Smudging
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April, 2020
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$44.95 CAD
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For Your Home or Office.

Step 1 - White Sage - CLEANSE NEGATIVE
White Sage is traditionally used by Native Americans for energetic cleansing. Its bitter scent repels all kinds of energy, preparing the ground for attracting positive vibrations.

Step 2 - Palo Santo - ATTRACT POSITIVE
The role of Palo Santo (Holy Wood) in shamanic and spiritual traditions is dated back thousands of years to the Incas. Palo Santo has a fresh and pleasant fragrance that attracts positive energy, creativity, and healing, and its smoke promotes deep concentration and meditation.

Step 3 - Yerba Santa TRANSCEND
The medicinal and spiritual benefits of Yerba Santa (Sacred Herb) have been long sought after by Native American cultures for centuries. Its sweet and uplifting scent is used to promote protection, growth, healing, beauty, and strength. Yerba Santa may be used in addition to, or in place of, Palo Santo to fortify health and strength.

Contains: Abalone shell, White Sage bundle, Palo Santo stick, Yerba Santa bundle

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