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30 Essential Yoga Poses

For Beginning Students and Their Teachers
Paperback Book
November, 2003
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In 30 Essential Yoga Poses, Judith Lasater, author of Relax & Renew as well as Living Your Yoga, draws on her wealth of yoga practice and teaching experience, as well as her training as a physical therapist, to present this comprehensive guide for beginning students and their teachers.

In Part One, “Beginning with an Ancient Tradition,” she discusses yoga’s ancient eightfold path and its relevance in today’s world. In Part Two, “Being a Student, Being a Teacher,” she goes to the heart of yoga, that is, the all-important student-teacher relationship. Students will find this part helpful in selecting an appropriate teacher. Her discussion about creating clear boundaries is invaluable support for teachers who wish to establish, as she advocates, “a restorative environment” for their students.

She describes thirty essential yoga poses (asana), their variations, and breathing practices (pranayama) in Part Three, “The Poses.” She offers guidance for the student practicing at home, and points for the teacher to take into his or her classroom.

In Part Four, "The Practice," she puts the poses together in four ways:

ª  a sequence for busy days

ª  a sequence for each day of the week

ª  themed sequences for lower back pain,
hip and hamstring flexibility, shoulder and upper back flexibility, balance, strength, energy fatigue, and relaxation

ª  a sequence using the thirty essential yoga poses.

Each sequence is presented as a photographic chart for easy visual reference, and includes a “Mantra for Daily Practice.”

Part Five, “And More,” includes a glossary of anatomical terms and resources for further study. All  with great photographs and a durable lie-flat binding!

“I enjoy how Judith skillfully untangles the complexities of hatha yoga, writing in clear and concise language from which we—beginning to advanced students and teachers—will benefit for years to come. Kudos and thanks, Judith. Your wisdom and teachings are our yoga community’s gain.” —Richard Miller, author of Infinite Awakening Yoga Nidra

Publisher’s Description: 

"Blessedly accessible, eschewing the glitz of some trendy yoga material" ("Publishers Weekly"), "30 Essential Yoga Poses" presents the definitive training guide for beginning yoga students and their teachers. 340 color photos.

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