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40 Days to Positive Change

Daily Support to Create a New Habit
Spoken Word CD
Sounds True
March, 2020
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Publisher’s Description: 

An in-depth audio program for getting the daily support and structure you need to create life-affirming new habits

How many times have you tried to build a positive new habit, only to end up falling short? If so, you probably didnt have the structure and support critical for instilling a new behavior. With 40 Days to Positive Change, Kelly McGonigal, PhD, provides just thatthe helping hand necessary to create the change you most desire in your life.

Whether its exercising every day, devoting yourself fully to a personal project, or establishing a regular meditation practice, this innovative program will provide the scaffolding necessary to instill a positive habit in your life. Drawing upon the latest neuroscientific and behavioral research, 40 Days to Positive Change emphasizes that new habits are built on a foundation of intention, gratitude, joy, loving compassion, and interdependence. Part mentor, part professor, and part coach, McGonigal will guide you in daily practices and lessons to follow through in each of these areas. By the end of this audio journey, youll have all the tricks and tools you need to live out your new, better habit without letting it drop by the wayside.

Best of all, this programs lessons are endlessly renewable. Once youve followed the 40-day journey toward habit change, you can begin again to weave another positive behavior into the fabric of your life.

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