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8 Weeks to Optimum Health

A Proven Program for Taking Full Advantage of Your Body's Natural Healing Power
Paperback Book
Random House
August, 2007
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Banyen's Description: 

This is a fully expanded version of Weil’s brilliantly conceived, safe, and effective eight-week program for improving and maintaining health, which has already become the health regimen of choice for thousands of people.

First published in 1997, Eight Weeks to Optimum Health focused all of Dr. Weil’s expertise in both standard and alternative medicines and treatments into a practical week-by-week, step-by-step plan of integrative medicine. It combines good nutrition (less animal fat, more greens, introducing soyfoods, throwing out hydrogenated fats and artificial sweeteners, eating more organically grown foods, more whole grains, garlic, ginger, etc.), use of antioxidant supplements (Vitamin C, carotenes, Vitamin E, etc.), exercise (he recommends working up to briskly walking 45 minutes a day and doing stretching), mental/spiritual practices (such as thinking about healing experiences, meditation exercises, bringing more flowers into our lives, practicing forgiveness and gratitude, serving others in some way, connecting with people we may have hurt or with whom we have been estranged), drinking good water, spending more time in nature, taking steam baths or saunas at least once a week, growing some of your own food, protecting yourself from electromagnetic radiation, taking media/news fasts, listening to inspiring music, doing some conscious breathing exercises, appreciating art, and more.

Weil presents his program with a gentle, authoritative wit and in an encouraging way. Each week includes a range of simple, doable tasks that, as a whole, accumulate into a powerfully educational healing regimen over the eight weeks.

This updated edition has been fine-tuned with the latest findings on subjects such as cholesterol, antioxidants, trans fats, toxic residues in our food, soy products, vitamins and supplements, and a greatly enhanced source list. Also included are case histories and firsthand accounts from men and women who have already been following the plan for years to their great benefit.

Health is wholeness and balance, an inner resilience that allows you to meet the demands of living without being overwhelmed. If you have that kind of resilience, you can experience the inevitable interactions with germs and not get infections, you can be in contact with allergens and not suffer allergies, and you can sustain exposure to carcinogens and not get cancer. Optimal health should also bring with it a sense of strength and joy, so that you experience it as more than just the absence of disease. I designed the Eight-Week Program to lead you to that experience and show you how to maintain it.

Among Andrew Weil’s many other books are Breathing: the Master Key (2 CDs) and Healthy Aging.



Publisher’s Description: 

Now expanded and updatedthe #1 New York Times bestselling book in which one of Americas most brilliant doctors shares his famous program for improving and protecting your health

Eight Weeks to Optimum Health lays out Dr. Andrew Weils famous week-by-week, step-by-step plan that will keep your bodys natural healing system in peak working order. It covers diet, exercise, lifestyle, stress, and environmentall aspects of daily living that affect health and well-being. This revised edition includes the most up-to-date findings on such vital subjects as cholesterol, antioxidants, trans fats, toxic residues in the food supply, soy products, and vitamins and supplements, together with a greatly enhanced source list of information and supplies. Inside you will learn how to

develop eating habits for greater health and well-being
start an effective exercise program based on walking and stretching
work with breathing patterns to decrease stress and improve energy
solve sleeping problems
eliminate toxins from your diet
minimize environmental hazards in your daily life

Plusprograms tailored to the specific needs of pregnant women, senior citizens, overweight people, and those at risk for cancer.

If there is a heaven, sixtysomething Weil is headed there, but if he practices what he preaches, probably not for some time yet.
London Times

Dr. Andrew Weil is an extraordinary phenomenon.
The Washington PostEIGHT WEEKS TO OPTIMUM HEALTH: A Proven Program for Taking Full Advantage of Your Bodys Natural Healing Power (new edition) by Andrew Weil, at $15.95 (q) from Random House Inc., ISBN 034549802X / 9780345498021. One of our most brilliant and respected doctors gives us his famous program for improving and maintaining health, now expanded and updated. Weil focuses both his conventional and alternative expertise on a week-by-week, step-by-step plan, covering diet, exercise, lifestyle, stress, and environment. He shows how to tailor his program to the specific needs of pregnant women, senior citizens, overweight people, and those at risk for cancer, among others, with the most up-to-date scientific findings and a greatly enhanced source list for information and supplies. Now in paper. 320 pp. August.

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