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99 Blessings

An Invitation to Life
Hardcover Book
February, 2013
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From beloved author Brother David Steindl-Rast comes this beautiful collection of original blessings meant to guide readers through any day with wisdom and spirit.

 You bless us with healing hands—hands of mothers and lovers, of doctors and nurses, and our own hands that are more gifted with healing power than we know. May I be alrt to this gift and use this power today whenever my hands touch other humans beings, the fur of animals, or the slender stems of flowers.

This gift book of ninety-nine personal and original blessings from Brother David Steindl-Rast, known for his pioneering work in interfaith dialogue, marks the first time the member of the Benedictine Order of Catholic monks has crafted a series of prayers for the general reader—from Catholics to Protestants, Jews and Muslims, agnostics, uncertain, and the rest of us too.

Each blessing begins with “Source of All Blessings,” and among the 99 are blessings of birdsong, beds, all that cannot be expressed in words, bread, change, children’s questions, courage, evening, fits and misfits, fresh linen, hair, hats, gardens, memory, moments in which nothing happens, passing glances, rainbows, road crews, skillful labor, soap bubbles, soft eyes and voices, tea, tears, and young animals.

Source of All Blessing,
you bless us with birdsong—the ecstasy of a lark, still singing as we lost sight of it in the blue sky; the water music of the thrush when the sun comes out after a thunderstorm; the bell the cuckoo keeps ringing on is land when the hawthorn is in bloom. May I remember my calling: to sing in my heart with all the songbirds of the world, for sheer gratitude and to give joy to others by this silent song.

Blessings are life-giving only as long as we pass them on, so this book is meant to be shared with friends, family, coworkers, strangers, and anyone in need of a few words of inspiration and guidance.

Also by Brother David are A Good Day and Deeper than Words. Audio and video recordings of him are at

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