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About Bloody Time

the Menstrual Revolution We Have to Have
Paperback Book
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September, 2019
$30.00 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

About Bloody Time makes the case for menstrual revolution as an essential key to unlocking gender equality. Thousands of women and girls shared their experiences of menstruation and menopause. The results were clear. Shame. Stigma. Humiliation. Disgust. Negative attitudes are pervasive, entrenched, and harmful.

This book digs deep into the menstrual taboo: where it exists, how it came to be and why it’s so resilient. Our culture asks women and girls to view their bodies through a prism of negativity and fear.
We want to change that. We propose a new positive culture of menstrual wellbeing, helping women and girls to deeply understand and trust their bodies, and giving them important tools to challenge, and disrupt, the status quo. All women and girls are entitled to respect, dignity and a belief in the integrity of their bodies. In this work, we build on these goals, multiply the solutions, and share our plan to revolutionise menstrual culture and transform our society as a whole.

“About Bloody Time should be on bookshelves everywhere: I only wish it had been on mine when I was younger.” -Clementine Ford

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