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Acknowledging What Is

Conversations with Bert Hellinger
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Paperback Book
Zeig, Tucker & Co.
August, 1999
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In Acknowledging What Is, Bert Hellinger sheds light on his unique use of family constellations to reveal hidden—often destructive—family dynamics and to activate healing resources. He also speaks freely and frankly about his observations of the forces at work in family systems and the controversy that surrounds some of those observations.

In this probing interview with a skeptical journalist, tough questions are met by equally tough answers—and as this extraordinary dialogue builds, the formidable power of the family constellation approach begins to unfold.

Sit in as the logical-minded journalist and the “caretaker of the soul” consider the human condition together.

“A wonderful book for those who have seen Bert Hellinger in action, and even for those who haven’t. For those of us who have witnessed the integrity he brings into the art of helping people it is a book filled with the knowledge and insight he has gained experientially while working with family systems and setting up constellations. For those new to his breathtaking work it is full of things to spark one’s interest and inform. Do not dismiss this work. It is quite simply the beginning of something unbelievably profound and soul-enriching. It is in fact about working with the movements of the soul.” —a reviewer on

Also by Bert Hellinger is Love’s Hidden Symmetry.

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