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Vegetables Re-Imagined: Seasonal Recipes from Root to Stem
Hardcover Book
Appetite by Random House
November, 2021
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Publisher’s Description: 

Seasonally-driven, vegetable-forward recipes to push the boundaries of what you think you can do with plants.

From fall to winter, to spring to summer, Acorn follows the beauty and bounty of the seasons, celebrating vegetables in all their delicious glory. Vegetables are at the heart of everything Shira Blustein and Brian Luptak set out to do at the internationally-acclaimed The Acorn restaurant. Where other vegetarian restaurants try too hard to find ways to replicate the meat they're scared their diners will miss, The Acorn defies categories, with dishes that are anything but predictable.

At The Acorn they celebrate the plant: enhancing it, pairing it, dressing it for a night of being the center of attention; preparing plants in a myriad of different ways and making them the phenomenal focus of each plate. In their first cookbook, Acorn, Shira and Brian share more than 100 of their truly unique recipes, that highlight the incredible wild-crafted, local ingredients found in the Pacific Northwest, and will leave even the staunchest of meat eaters feeling satisfied. Acorn encourages us to be adventurous with our vegetables, with a year's worth of seasonal offerings--from Fall's pickles and fermaentaions, to Summer's incredible, colourful salads--and recipes infused with brilliant creativity.

Visually stunning, overflowing with the incredible photography of acclaimed photographer Gabriel Cabrera, Acorn is a cookbook to inspire, read and adore.

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