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Adi Da Samraj: Realized or/and Deluded?

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November, 2011
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The first critical assessment of the life of Adi Da Samraj and his teachings. Born he said in the "Bright" with his kundalini risen after only a few years of practice, Franklin Jones had a breakthrough into the pointless point of view. Young, hip, articulate and funny, this first American-born guru had a meteoric rise, bringing him thousands of seekers until the sex scandals brought a public shaming and his withdrawal to a Fijian island hermitage where he, now Adi Da Samraj, announced he was God Incarnate.

"After tracing Adi Da's life from beginning to end, Patterson gives a penetrating analysis of the key concepts of the teaching before coming to the heart of the question - How can someone be realized at the highest level and act this way with his devotees? Adi Da always maintained that realization does not destroy the "person", so just who was his "person"? From a careful reading of Adi Da's books, Patterson gleans an assemblage of facts pointing to a hidden wound that usurped Adi Da's realization for its own ends, giving an archetypal example of wrong crystallization. The esoteric and spiritual questions Adi Da Samraj Realized or/and Deluded raises are acutely seminal and ones every seeker and adept needs to long ponder." --The Gurdjieff Journal

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