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Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui

Paperback Book
Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
February, 2021
$69.00 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Flying Star feng shui explains why our luck changes over time, and how we can stay one step ahead of it. The essence of Flying Star feng shui is to make sure that important functions like sleeping, eating, and studying are done in rooms or parts of the building with favorable feng shui configurations. Where this configuration is not favorable, Flying Star feng shui offers techniques for improving or reducing it. Contrary to popular misconception, Flying Star feng shui is completely compatible with Eight Mansion feng shui.

This is the first book in English on Flying Star feng shui which explains how it compatibly relates to Eight Mansion feng shui, and provides 216 givinglower kuaFlying Star charts with 24 Mountain direction indicator, as well as all of the variant Substitution Star (ti kua) charts. Although the 'Flying Stars' were originally related to the stars of the astronomical Big Dipper asterism, in their feng shui usage they are simply terms for changing types of subtlech'i (qi)energy present in our living environment, our homes, and our workplaces.

Flying Star assumes there is a very real link between the present time, the time a building was built, its directional orientation, the birthdates of its occupants and the consequential changing luck of its occupants. Contrary to popular mis-conception, Flying Star feng shui is completely compatible with Eight Mansion feng shui. The effects of using Flying Star feng shui correctly can often be impressive and very rapid, often within 10 days. Flying Star feng shui is one of the components ofHsan K'ung (Xuan Kong), which is in turn part of the San Yuan School of feng shui, which relies upon the 8 Trigramskua (gua)and their combinations. By contrast San He (the other great school of feng shui) relies upon combinations of the 5 Elements (in their yin and yang forms) with the 12 Earthly Branches, forming 60chia-tzu (jia zi)or dragons.

Much of the knowledge in this book comes from the Chinese text of perhaps the most famousHsan K'ung (Xuan Kong)master of the 20th century, Shen Chu Reng and his book on Flying Star entitledSan Yuan Ti Li Tai Hsan K'ung.

This is the paperback edition. Previously sold in hardcover with ISBN: 9780738749754

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