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Adventures in Memory

The Science and Secrets of Remembering and Forgetting Exploring the Science and Secrets of Human Memory
Hardcover Book
Greystone Books Ltd.
October, 2018
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A novelist and a neuroscientist uncover the secrets of human memory.

What makes us remember? Why do we forget? And what, exactly, is a memory?

With playfulness and intelligence, Adventures in Memory answers these questions and more, offering an illuminating look at one of our most fascinating faculties: our memory. The authorstwo Norwegian sisters, one a neuropsychologist and the other an acclaimed writerskillfully interweave history, research, and exceptional personal stories, taking readers on a captivating exploration of the evolving science of memory from its humble Renaissance beginnings up to the present day. They interview experts of all stripes, from the worlds top neuroscientists to famous novelists, from taxi drivers to quizmasters, to help explain how memory works, why it sometimes fails, and what we can do to improve it. Filled with cutting-edge research and nimble storytelling, the result is a charmingand memorableadventure through human memory.

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