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Ahmsta Kebzeh

The Science Of Universal Awe, Vol. 1
Paperback Book
September, 2005
$30.00 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Ahmsta Kebzeh, an ancient spiritual tradition preserved in “the world’s true and natural Museum of Mankind, the Caucasus Mountains,” is an applied science of processing the human being. Named “Caucasian Yoga” by explorers, the process is that of awakening and developing latent human faculties under divine grace and guidance. The word Kebzeh has a meaning more comprehensive than the word tradition: It could be translated as the knowledge of the art of living.

Ahmsta Kebzeh is an oral teaching which has been passed on through story, song, and the way of being of the people who carry it. Never before has it been put into print. Now in paperback, Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Science of Universal Awe brings forth this comprehensive body of wisdom.

 Ahmsta Kebzeh is a “mystical science” that explains who and what a human being is and the place of the human in Creation. At this time, when life on our planet forces us to re-visit our understanding of what being human really means, Ahmsta Kebzeh provides a comprehensive system of transformation that can raise us from our limited experience of “human” to the realization of our full potential as completed “Human.” Through this transformation to become fully Human, we can come to know and experience the Kebzeh principle: “Without me, God is latent. Without God, I am not.”



This teaching has been, and continues to be, transmitted orally by Murat Yagan, one of the rare elders who was trained in the Tradition and who is still alive today. Circassian by birth, Murat Yagan is thought to be the last known living light-holder of this particular tradition. He received it directly from the Elders of his people. For more than twenty years he has been sharing it with a small group of students in Western Canada (

Some of Murat Yagan’s other books are I Come from Behind Kaf Mountain and Teachings of Kebzeh.



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