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All-Natural Perfume Making

Fragrances to Lift Your Mind, Body, and Spirit
Hardcover Book
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March, 2021
$25.99 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Master your own customperfume blends with ingredients to benefit your mind, body, and emotions in All-Natural Perfume Making.

Just like magic, turnbotanical herbs,flowers, and essential oils into wonderful-smelling, healthy, and sustainable perfumes. In All-Natural Perfume Making, author and herbalist Kristen Schuhmannguides beginning perfumersin the art and techniquesof crafting oil-based, alcohol-based, and solid perfumes. Learn the history and traditional benefitsof certain scents as you create your ownunique blends from a variety of plant-based ingredients.

In addition to smelling good,natural scentscan be a powerful self-care tool to benefitmental andemotional health. Feeling anxious? A blend of vanilla, lavender, cedarwood, and neroli can help relax frazzled nerves. Have a big test coming up? Boost your brain power with rosemary, sweet orange, and peppermint. Once you've grasped the techniques in All-Natural Perfume Making, the possibilities are endless as you mix, layer, and experiment with natural scents.

Perfect for the beginner whowants to create their own signature scents without the use ofharsh chemicals, this book provides a solid base onthe philosophy and methodsof crafting all-naturalfragrances that not only smell fantastic but can add to your well-being.

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