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All the Time in the World

Learn to Control Your Experience of Time to Live a Life Without Limitations
Hardcover Book
Sounds True
October, 2021
$32.50 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Create your own experience of time with the guidance of a premier researcher in the field.

Time is something none of us can escape and yet few of us actually comprehend. While some feel time cant pass quickly enough, others feel there arent enough minutes in the day. But what if you could not just understand but actively shape your perception of time? What if you actually had all the time you neededand more?

In All the Time in the World, researcher Lisa Broderick reveals, Time is one part physical and one part perception. By changing the part of the time equation you control, you can actually time travel through your perceptions.

All the Time in the World presents the first definitive account of how time works and, more importantly, how you can affect it. Here Broderick offers exercises based on the latest research into the physics, metaphysics, and psychology of the human construct of time. Through these step-by-step practices, youll gradually build an awareness of time that transcends clockfaces and completely discharges the dreaded feeling that the seconds are slipping through your fingers.

Far more than just a book on workflow or efficiency, All the Time in the World offers a kind of liberation from the collective illusion that time is your enemy. Join Lisa Broderick to discover that when you embrace time as an ally, you become a confident creator of your own reality.

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