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Angel Cards

Expanded Edition
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Tarot + Oracle Card Set
Music Design
September, 2006
$16.95 CAD
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Incredibly popular,  Angel Cards were developed as part of The Transformation Game, a board game created for the exploration of consciousness by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler while living at the Findhorn Foundation. They provide key words that help you focus on particular aspects of your inner life. The more you think about the quality reflected by the word on a card, the more you will find this quality echoing in your life, whether you pick Freedom, Grace, Abundance, Risk, Authenticity, Awakening, or any of the others of these 72 playfully illustrated cards.

We call them ANGEL cards because they represent pure essences. Meditating on them brings support to help you overcome obstacles and gain greater understanding of your inner self.

A small leaflet of “Guidelines for Use” is included in this Special 25th Anniversary Expanded Edition, as well as a pocket-size carrying case… and it all arrives in a sturdy, fliptop box for selecting and storing the cards.

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One of the most powerful ways to connect with the angels. Angels are inner companions. they help us look at the world in ways that infuse our lives with vitality and assist us to experience the deepest levels of understanding, creativity, and caring. Each Angel card quality evokes your intuitive abilities and renews your spiritual connection. Created by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake, the Angel Cards are an international best-seller--over 1.3 million sold in 6 languages. The Silver Anniversary Expanded Edition includes: 20 new cards, 20 bonus stickers of the new qualitites, pocket-size carrying case, and sturdy, flip-top box for selecting and storing cards.

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