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Animals As Guides For The Soul

Paperback Book
August, 1999
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By creating a modern mythology of animals from the stories she lives and collects, author Susan McElroy offers evidence for a universal language of spirit and wisdom. It will open your mind to an entirely new way of thinking about animals. And open your heart, too.

Through daily interactions with the animals at Brightstar, her farm in Oregon, she gleans truths that are just as significant as those uncovered by traditional animal scientists. A deeply personal yet far-reaching testament to the profound connection between animals and humans, Animals as Guides for the Soul offers powerful stories in which animals serve as mirrors of ourselves, as gateways to our instinctive nature, and as ambassadors to the realms of the soul.

Real stories do not usually have tidy endings, or indeed, any endings. Many of the stories told in this book leave just as much untold. Animals enter, dwell for a time, leave, and become memories or dreams. Human companions are left to weave the meaning of the encounter into their hearts. As such, this is not a book of answers. It is instead an intimate exploration of issues that face us all: issues of relationship, integrity, conflict, and reconciliation, all told in the mythic form of story. All of these stories star an animal, a memory of an animal, a dream of an animal...

The world is hungry for stories that affirm the deep affinity between humans and animals. All of our stories—those that ended well and even those that ended with more confusion than we would have liked—offer great hope to a world longing to heal the relationship between animals and humans.

“Reveals the possibilities of magical encounters and surprising connections with animals in daily life. With such a guide, we gain the understanding necessary to transform our agonized relationships and to restore ancient alliances so that as human animals we can again live happily on this planet among all the wondrous creatures.” —Deena Metzger, author of Writing for Your Life

Also by Susan Chernak McElroy is Animals as Teachers and Healers.

Publisher’s Description: 

In her New York Times bestseller Animals as Teachers and Healers, Susan Chernak McElroy movingly explored the wide and enriching horizons of human relationships with animals. In this new volume of reflections and true animal stories, she invites us to broaden and deepen that relationship.

While living with her husband and animals on a farm in Oregon, McElroy pondered the ancient bonds that connect humans and animals: the healing gifts of animals, the genius of people who talk to them, and the power of animal messengers. She also asked herself the tough questions that engage every true animal lover. How can we soothe our anguish and guilt when a loved animal suffers or dies? How do we atone for our mistakes? When are animals prisoners and when are they fulfilled? Is it moral to eat other beings? And how can we go about transforming our relationship with animals?

Through daily experiences with the animals around her and those in her dreams--along with compelling true stories sent to her by readers--McElroy began to find answers. She discovered that animals are guides in the development of our souls. A frail llama teaches lessons of joy and unconditional love; a barn cat proves that service need not be imprisonment but fulfillment; a mortally injured hawk infuses a cancer patient with renewed strength and faith; an attentive rabbit awakens an abused child from a trance of sadness; and a skinny white horse does more for a damaged six-year-old boy in one hour than any human has done in six years.

In this deeply personal yet universal testament to the profound connection between animals and humans, there is wisdom and blessing. As the author reminds us, the fingerprint of God is often a pawprint.

From the Hardcover edition.In her best-selling Animals as Teachers & Healers, the author explored the profound connection between animals and humans. In this next volume of reflections and true stories, now out in paper, she invites us to broaden and deepen that relationship. She also asks herself the tough questions that engage every true animal-lover. When are animals prisoners and when are they fulfilled? Is it moral to eat other beings?

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