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The Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus The Christ

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Paperback Book
February, 2009
$15.00 CAD
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In his most famous work, published in 1907, Dowling fills in the missing years of Jesus' life with reports on his early education with Jewish rabbis, a trip to India where he learned about Hinduism and the Vedas, and his further travels to Tibet, Persia, Assyria, Greece, and Egypt.

An extraordinary vision of unity among the world's historic faiths and a classic of New Age spirituality.

Here is a hugely influential interpretation of the "lost years" of Jesus Christfrom roughly the ages of twelve to thirty that are not covered in Scripture in which the Son of Man is seen to travel through the religious cultures of the East, learning and preaching the unifying spiritual ethic behind all religions.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ is a stirring and deeply involving vision that profoundly impacted the development of alternative spirituality in the early twentieth century, and continues to touch readers today.

Now, the unabridged narrative of this powerful work drawn from one of its earliest volumesis redesigned for ease of reading in a handsome signature edition.

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