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Aromatherapy For The Soul

Healing the Spirit with Fragrance and Essential Oils
Paperback Book
New World Library
August, 2006
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Previously published as The Fragrant Heavens, this book explores the links between our spiritual lives and aromatherapy. Drawing on pioneering scientific research and leading spiritual teachers, this book provides comprehensive guidelines that show us how fragrance is utilized in the many spiritual traditions and practices prevalent today. It describes how the energy in the essential oil of a plant can assist the connection between the physical and spiritual self. Extensive exercises, charts and formulas demonstrate how aroma can be used in healing, prayer, and meditation. This definitive reference to more than seventy oils explains their uses in spiritual and vibrational medicine.

Among the many topics covered in Aromatherapy and the Soul are using essential oils for spiritual union (purification, anointing, body oils, blending oils); angelic vibrations and fragrances; using essential oils to make the transition; clearing the atmosphere; energy-cleansing bath blends; holy smoke for purification; essential oils and the human auric field; essential oils for the chakras; using music, sounds, and colour in treatments; essential oils and Reiki/Energy work, crystal and gem therapy, colour healing and channeling; and the aromatic traditions of the Goddess of the Sacred Trees, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome, Islam and Arabia, Buddhism, Taoism, the Native American nations, and others.

What’s so remarkable about essential oils is that they influence the whole being. Just as they are the catalyst that can make a wound heal, or a mind relax, so they can transport a soul. I know of no other substances that can do that. They are flexible, adaptable, multifaceted, deep, complex, light, subtle, etheric, and all in a positive way. If molecules could be angels, they would surely be essential oils.

The fragrant molecules that are essential oils have been the vehicle for many spiritual journeys. Weaving in and out of the body, as they weave silently through the atmosphere, ethereal but real and deep, essential oils can put us on a wavelength, a network, a web, something that connects the whole.

Publisher’s Description: 

"Journeys need guides, and Aromatherapy for the Soul is such a guide - to the spiritual aromatic adventure." -from the introduction

Fragrances, with their intriguing ability to evoke emotions, memories, and visions, have played an important role in the world’s spiritual traditions since the dawn of time. Drawn from the essential oils of plants, they serve as an earthly connection with the divine.
In Aromatherapy for the Soul: Healing the Spirit with Fragrance and Essential Oils, world-renowned aromatherapist Valerie Ann Worwood draws equally upon the pioneering research of eminent scientists and the insights of leading spiritual teachers. With detailed explanations of more than seventy essential oils, this extraordinary book provides step-by-step guidance for those wanting to use essential oils to enrich their spiritual journey.

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